(Las Vegas,NV)  —  Clark County Republicans could find themselves outmaneuvered by the national party.

The “Review-Journal” says Ron Paul supporters led thecountyGOPto back a resolution, calling for the resignation of RNC chief Reince Preibus because he helped Mitt Romney while the Texas congressman remains in the presidential race.

In response, national Republicans plan to fund their own “TeamNevada” offices to help Romney.

An RNC spokesman says Priebus is, quote, “100 percent committed” to defeating President Obama in November.

Comments (3)
  1. SteveMiller4LV says:

    It’s obvious that the Obama machine has infiltrated the Nevada GOP starting with the election of the new state chairman:

  2. Rob says:

    Out-maneuvered? really? The RNC has been in the process of setting up their “shadow party” for months now – they never intended to run their Victory organization through the Nevada GOP.

  3. Cam says:

    RNC says “100 percent committed” to defeating President Obama in November”

    By disenfranchising Paul supporters, I’d say that their comittment to defeat Obama will fail.

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