(Las Vegas, NV) – The loss of someone special in your life is something that cannot be explained if you haven’t gone through it yourself. However, one local family is trying to change that.

A few years ago Drew Stevens and his son, Josh were together when an accident took Josh’s life a week before his 13th birthday. At that moment Drew knew Josh would make an impact on others’ lives. “I knew Josh was too special of a child to just not have him here anymore.”

That’s when Drew, his wife Barbara and other caring friends decided to start the Josh Stevens Foundation aimed at mirroring the life that Josh lived before that tragic day. And nothing defined Josh more than being kind. The Josh Stevens Foundation has roughly 200 schools part of the “Be Kind” project; aimed at inspiring all of us to be kind, more often.

“From the time he was born he was extraordinarily kind. That was the one thing we could not allow to somehow disappear and be forgotten.”, said Drew.

How the Stevens family turned tragedy into a world of kindness can be learned at JoshStevensFoundation.Org. http://joshstevensfoundation.org/the-foundation/

The community in Henderson has named a park after Josh in the Green Valley Ranch area off Benji Rd.

Click HERE for photo gallery of Josh Stevens

This is a poem written by Josh

“I am – Josh”…a poem by Josh Stevens

I am – Josh
I am Athletic – like a precise machine, running smoothly and efficiently.
I am Competitive – like the sun, fighting to shine through the clouds on a cloudy day.
I am Fun Loving- like a circus star, wanting to give joy to others.
I am Kind Hearted- like a favorite family pet, wanting to give love to all
I am Persistent- like a skilled quarterback, never giving up till the ball scores.
I am Obedient- like an athlete responding to his coach.
I am Respectful- like a player accepting of the ref’s call.
I am Beautiful- like a gem stone, with beauty for all to see. ~ Josh Stevens

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