(Las Vegas, NV) – The possibility of high school athletics being altered or even going away is something that is being dictated by the budget issues in the state of Nevada.

Executive Director of the Nevada Interscholastic Athletic Association Eddie Bonine told KXNT about the current concerns throughout Nevada.

“It’s real and there are frightening possibilities looming that there may be some drastic changes.”

However, Bonine believes that athletics are crucial to helping students through school. “It is by far the most cost-efficient, drop out program you can have for students in schools.”

Bonine also discussed what happens more often to students who don’t participate in school activities.

“Absences in schools, discipline referrals, drop-out rates and graduation rates. These characteristics are consistently higher with students who aren’t involved.”

Bonine believes that being involved is essential to the educational experience and with budgets across Nevada being sliced to a sliver of what they once were, Bonine fears more problems are on the way. None mare glaring than this statistic.

“Thirty-seven percent are more likely to become teenage parents. BOOM! I mean that hits home with some people.”

The Clark County School District is set to release its budget later this week. It is expected to cut nearly $70 million dollars.

  1. anna b says:

    The academic ratings are so low who cares about the sports.

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