(Las Vegas, NV) – Getting across a street in Clark County seemingly becomes more dangerous every day. In 2012, 19 pedestrians have lost their lives crossing county roads. While no fatality has occurred in Boulder City this year, the dangers are there for those who share the roads in this quiet city.

Sgt. John Glenn with the BCPD. We are not only out here to cite the vehicle driver. we are out here to cite the pedestrian as well if they are not following the law.”

Boulder City’s main drag, Nevada Highway, has been under construction for some time; much of the small two-way streets east of Buchanan are still under construction.

In 2011 there were four pedestrians injured in the city and law enforcement want to assure no one is injured this year. A variety of people use this stretch of road daily. Many visitors checking out the small antique, art and Indian crafts that are offered along the road are mixed with those who live in the trailers and motels along the road and walk out of necessity.

Whether you fail to yield to a pedestrian or decide to not use a crosswalk, the fine is $192.

  1. H Clayy says:

    It’s not about safety, its about money. If it was about safety they would just put points on your license

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