(Washington, DC)  — Senator Harry Reid says he would vote to overturn the ban on gay marriage in Nevada.  At a news conference yesterday, Reid said he was persuaded by younger members of his family to reconsider his opposition to same-sex marriage.  Earlier this week, the Senate’s majority leader said he believed marriage was between a man and a woman. But Reid now says he would “follow my grandchildren and my children,” and vote to repeal Nevada’s constitutional amendment that bans same-sex marriages.

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  1. lorenjay says:

    Harry Reid abandoning his religous belief for his political future. He knows the consequences when he is judged. Don’t you brother Reid…

    1. William says:

      HARRY Reid is NOT abandoning his own religious beliefs, he is voting to allow same sex marriages in order to uphold the Constitution which was written for all Americans, NOT JUST CHRISTIANS. His political Office is NOT an Officer of the Church. Harry REid was elected to represent all Nevadans, and leave his own personal opinions at home. He is a great Senator.

      1. lorenjay says:

        Really William? Well it’s obvious you know nothing about the US Constitution or Reids Religous beliefs and he swore to uphold when he took his oath of office. Reid is a traitor to both the people of Nevada who voted for him and his church and both will truly judge him for his actions.

      2. The Realist says:

        Guess what William, same sex marriage is NOT a civil Right and it is nowhere in the Constitution and is therefore a states right isue as it is currently being handled.

      3. Dave says:

        Funny for all the years he has been in goverment, now he says this? Come on! This is because the Lib’s are going down!

  2. peter says:

    Reid you are not getting my vote ever!!!!!

  3. laughing at you says:

    I find it so funny when libs comment on how politicians must abandon faith and values in order to be good politicians. Really says a lot about the democrat party doesn’t it.

    1. lorenjay says:

      Yes it does. Liberals believe in equality, free speech and freedom to do as they choose and if you disagree with them then you are an enemy of the state.

      1. THE REALIST says:


      2. lorenjay says:

        so teso tell me Realist what Obama and the libs have done for you unless your on food stamps then I already know.

      3. Dave says:

        No they don’t! This is all about a power grab! They don’t care about anything other than power! Vote them out! 2012!!!

      4. lorenjay says:

        @Dave, it was a tongue in cheek comment. Liberals preach freedom but deny everyone else their rights. They believe the only rights you should have are the ones they agree with.

      5. Dave says:

        Great post! Agreed!

      6. The Realist says:

        As i read you additional comments and re-read first, we’re on the same side. Sorry, I just see red sometimes.

  4. Mark says:

    Harry Reid does not suprise me at this point he flip flops like the democratic party to get votes!! The constitution and the bible go hand in hand we were founded by christian beliefs.Take back our country!!

  5. THE REALIST says:


  6. Larry Brown says:

    I read that Senator Harry Reid was defending traditional marriage in comments he made just a week ago. Go flip flopping fly!

  7. mike says:

    Thank You MR Reid Nevada is now in play for ROmney when he didn
    t have a chance before. Once again thank you Mr. Reid

  8. Dave says:

    Unreal! It is clear that the Democrats know they are in trouble with loosing votes for 2012. They will do anything to get re elected! This group needs to GO! Reid OUT! as soon as possible!

  9. stephanie hodges says:

    Amazing that he has listened to his children and grandchildren on this but not all the people who voted him in. I am for a union of any couple with the same legal rights as the traditional man and wife union. Marriage is a religious ceremony and it should be kept where it belongs, in the church. If two people want to be legally connected then it should not matter if it is a man and a woman or a same sex couple. Here again it should be separated church and state. Change the laws on the books for equality in a union not in a religious ceremony.

  10. Jeremy says:

    I wonder how much money Reid received in campaign donations for this comment!
    He continues to amaze me how willing he is to sell is soul, dollar by dollar.

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