(LAS VEGAS CBS KXNT) A student protest staged by the Clark County Education Association on Monday put a spotlight on the resignations of 15 veteran  teachers who are leaving because of the district’s performance assessment policies.

About 200 elementary school students marched and chanted, while one parent and at least one teacher accused the principal of Vegas Verdes Elementary of issuing unduly harsh evaluations in order to push the teachers out the door.

The protestors shouted down a lone activist who used a bullhorn to speak to them in Spanish.  Andreas Mendoza said he was trying to tell the parents that the they were being used by the teachers union, and that they should instead show up at school board meetings to air their concerns.

A spokesperson for the Clark County School District said Vegas Verdes is an underperforming school, and a new principal has been assigned to turn it around.

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  1. PSSDOFF says:

    Yes…A NEW PRINCIPAL – BRAND NEW TO BE EXACT. Oh and has anyone mentioned that the assistant principal is brand new to the position as well? Where exactly is the logic in placing two individuals with under 5 years actual classroom teacher experience into an “underperforming” school? Both of these people moved up the totem pole and continue to climb the ladder as quickly as possible for ONE THING ONLY; $$. The amount of politics that plague the CCSD is staggering. The CCSD is not about WHAT YOU KNOW – it is about WHO YOU KNOW. Alice Roybal-Benson has not a clue what she is doing as a principal and it shows quite clearly. Her quote in the Las Vegas Sun stated that teachers are leaving because she “raised the bar” and “implemented changes with lesson plans and evaluations”. While she has made changes, they are neither good for kids or would have any significant impact on the quality of learning going on at the school. And for a school full of very dedicated teachers who have gone through an entirely different set of changes approximately every 2-3 years with new administration, why all of a sudden now would they all be leaving after some giving 20+ years of their lives and careers to this community and school? These teachers have been giving every ounce of effort to their students for many years – with little to no recognition. When all of a sudden you get someone as disrespectful and unprofessional as Alice Roybal-Benson at the wheel, sometimes enough is enough.

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