(Las Vegas, NV)  –  A mother who left her son with his stepfather returned home to find the child burned.

A call was made about a child needing medical attention on the 4000 block of Spencer Street. Authorites found a two-year old toddler who was burned.

The 20 year-old stepfather, Demar Barnes was watching the child while the mother was reportedly away from the home. She returned and found the burned toddler and called the police.

Barnes was arrested on felony charges of child abuse with substantial bodily harm and neglect.

Comments (11)
  1. Shecky Vegas says:

    Oh,yeah, he looks like someone safe to leave a child with…

    1. Carms says:

      I’d like to know how the child got burned and with what before I pass judgement. The story doesn’t give enough information.

  2. Angela Soto says:

    It really don’t make no sense for people to be so careless about their children and who they leave to care for them. I hope he gets everything he deserves while in jail

  3. kyle says:

    look at the way things are with young moms and their boys cuz no real man would do or let anything happen to a chuld in their care his or not the mom needs to be looked at as well sick ass ppl he needs to be put away if thats his fault but for sure it’s someone’s the baby did’nt do it to him self.

    1. Carms says:

      As I said, how did the burn happen – I had a friend who’s toddler managed to pull a pan of hot grease on himself while she had to use the bathroom – even being a parent you sometimes use the facilities – two year olds are quick – – So like I said – I wish the article gave more information about how the child was burned – was it with a cigarette over his body – was he scalded? How did he get burned – was it intentional? Get my drift? Of course if it was truly negligence – i.e. the step dad fell asleep – was outside talking, etc –

      1. carolj says:

        this baby fell out of shopping cart @ walmart weeks earlier and was found to have a broken collar bone…this imbecile then put this two year old baby in water scalding enough to cause third degree burns on the entire lower half of his little body…then he “cleaned” the blistering wounds which were bleeding by the time the baby was taken for care (more than a week)…he cleaned the wounds with PEROXIDE and paper towels…the paper towels were imbedded in the burns and had to be surgically removed…enough info for ya

      2. CARMS says:

        Like I said, I didn’t see any of this information in the article above – it sounds as if you have personal knowledge of this family?? And please read my last sentence of my feelings i- the father and in this case the mom also, should burn. The mom for leaving the child knowing how careless the stepdad was.

  4. juice says:

    he put him in the bath and the water was too hot…

  5. juice says:

    gave him 3rd and 4th degree burns…

    1. Carms says:

      I didn’t see that in this article and if it’s true -then he’s an idiot and at the point he was burned, if it was an accident – he should have taken the boy to the ER – but since obviously he didn’t – then he should suffer the same fate – and burn in he**

  6. carolj says:

    this baby in his short little time on earth has been so neglected…so so sad

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