Disabled Veteran claims mistreatment

(Las Vegas, NV) – The owners of the world famous Las Vegas Gold and Silver Pawn Shop are being sued. Most everybody knows Richard and Rick Harrison from the “Pawn Stars” show on the History cable channel. Now a disabled veteran – 62-year-old Daniel Callahan – claims the Harrisons assaulted him back in October putting the Vietnam vet in a choke hold and throwing him out, along with the rifle he brought in for appraisal.  Callahan is seeking 20-thousand-dollars in damages, plus medical and legal expenses.  An attorney for the Harrisons has not commented on the suit.

Comments (4)
  1. warren wilson says:

    Harrison is obviously from Nevada.
    Callahan is obviously from California.
    Let’s hope the judge is not from Massachissetts.

  2. Terry Todd says:

    It’s a shame you can’t sue someone for being an arrogant greedy mentally disturbed ass hole, cause everyone on this stupid show would spend all their time in court!

  3. bettye monson says:

    This show is great. At last not a sexy, 25 year old blonde female that pretends
    to be a housewife. People apparently need money or they wouldn’t be seeking
    a buyer. I don’t call this being greedy but a better name is businessman.

    1. Terry Todd says:

      A businessman buys aproduct at a fair price according to the value of the item, increases the price by a fair and marketable amount , sells the product and is able to continue in business. These people lie cheat and STEAL to get prodiucts at a price so far below market value then increase markup to a ridiculously high price and because they’re on T.V. people buy this stuff at outrageous prices EVERYBODY LOSES except the THEIVES, LIARS and CHEATS of PAWN STARS

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