(Las Vegas, NV)  —  More than 200 people received tickets for breaking traffic laws at a busy valley intersection.  Officers cited both drivers and pedestrians at Desert Inn and Maryland Parkway yesterday.  The most common offenses included speeding, running red lights and using cell phones while driving.  Another event is planned today at Lamb and Charleston, and police will be at Tropicana and Paradise this weekend.

  1. clonewolf1 says:

    Just another way of taxing the everyday blue collar worker. Funny, I don’t see these “traffic sting” operations in Summerlin or around Desert Trail. Just another way of adding revenue to the city coffers without having to go through our representatives. If the Metropolitan Police Dept actually cared about the safety of the citizens who hired them, they would patrol gang-infested, prostitution-infested, drug dealer-infested areas like naked city and along Lamb and Nellis area within the city limits. They won’t do that because there is no money in it and its easier to bully law-abiding citizens than those who really do pose a threat.

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