(LAS VEGAS CBS KXNT)  Every heard of Thizz?  It’s a kitchen sink drug.  The main ingredient is ecstasy, and the chemist throws in heroin, meth, or whatever else he has in the illicit lab. The product is pressed into colorful pills, sometimes in the shape of cartoon characters, which sell for $5-10 apiece.

The Clark County School District Police offered a crash course in trendy drugs at Valley High School on Thursday evening, urging parents to watch for red flags.

Officer Steve Ufford tipped parents to the places drugs might be hidden.  Tootsie roll wrappers, for instance, may contain a row of pills.  A Visine bottle might be a GHB delivery device.  The eye dropper top is helpful if someone wants to drop the colorless, odorless liquid into a drink.  And if there’s a pacifier in a high schooler’s backpack, it could be a sign the youngster needs something to mitigate tooth grinding caused by ecstasy use.

The answer is communication, paired with parental snooping, said Lt. Ken Young.  Kids may not welcome the surveillance, but parents should be going through bedrooms, backpacks and computers, Young said.

  1. homedrugtestkit says:

    Parents need to take some action with their kids before their kids get hooked. They should be having frequent talks with their children about drugs. Teen addicts in treatment tell myteensavers that home drug testing would have stopped their experimentation from becoming an addiction.

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