(Las Vegas, NV)  —  A new study finds it will cost Clark County taxpayers about $20-million to defend the valley’s 80 pending death penalty cases.  The report by a UNLV criminal justice professor says prosecutors spend double the hours on capital murder cases, versus cases that don’t involve the death penalty.  The Nevada ACLU is calling for more study.  The civil rights group plans to ask the Legislature for a moratorium on the state’s death penalty.

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  1. Yes, but how do you put a price on a point of principle? By “principle” I of course mean a “symbolic gesture” with little real value in deterring crime.

  2. PCS says:

    There are many studys/opinions on both sides.The criminals know there is the possibility of making a deal to get life instead of execution.In addition to possible deterence there is also JUSTICE and PUNISHMENT.We need to get back to BASICS,PUBLIC executions with a ROPE or a BULLET instead of a nice room where you go to sleep using outrageously expensive drugs.There are a lot of cases where there is no question that the suspect did the crime.DNA has freed many wrongly convicted people by POLITICALLY MOTIVATED PROSECUTERS.The SELFSERVING LAWYERS have made laws/language too complicated just like our tax code.

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