(LAS VEGAS, NV) – Some people are leaders. Some are followers. When it comes to commuters on the Russell access road from Interstate 15 to westbound 215, it’s a free for all.

KXNT took a ride with the Nevada Highway Patrol and saw very few motorists obeying the posted speed limit(s).  We counted about 150 cars in less than ten minutes and about 20 percent were traveling twice the speed limit of 30 mph in the construction zone.

Trooper Jeremie Elliott told KXNT that because the access road feels like the freeway (Interstate 15), it’s understandable that speeders are present. The speed limits are posted by construction crews and NDOT and NHP is strictly there to enforce them. The average speed was between 55 and 65 for most of the time we were on the access road.

The NHP wants to remind motorists that speeding in the construction zone on the access road will cost you double the normal amount.

Comments (3)
  1. Rob says:

    NHP out harassing the public again, enforcing arbitrarily derived speed limits specifically designed to generate ticket revenue. I guess they need to justify all the overtime they get? How do these lowlifes in midnight blue cars, hiding in the shadows under brides like roaches, sleep at night?

    All they do is cause financial hardship on a public that needs every dime they can keep in their pocket. I guess that salary and retirement forcibly taken from the public they supposedly “serve” anesthetizes any moral and ethical pains they might have.

    NHP is nothing but a greedy revenuing operation and they know it.

  2. Don says:

    they are doing the job upholding the laws and the speeds should be governed because of the crews out there working people just dont get til someone you know gets killed by speeders ,speeders causes accidents

  3. Sylvia Willobee says:

    Extremely loud hotrods and motorcycles race up and down our neighborhood streets in NW Las Vegas (Centennial) all the time and the cops don’t seem to have a clue. The city could make a lot of money by issuing some $500 tickets to these selfish pigs who continuously ruin the peace and quiet of our neighborhoods and put us all at risk.

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