The Southern Nevada Child Drowning Prevention Coalition has put together a program called April Pools Day. The goal is to eliminate drownings around the Las Vegas valley.

One of the leading reasons of accidental death for children less than four years of age in Southern Nevada is water-related incidents that result in drowning.

On average, eight children drown each year in Southern Nevada. With warmer weather comes the use of swimming pools and the potential for water-related accidents.

North Las Vegas Fire Captain Cedric Williams told KXNT that the ability to work together to be safe is crucial. “Everybody there, including your young children should be properly trained to know how and when to call 911.”

Las Vegas Fire and Rescue’s Public Education and Information Officer Tim Szymanski shared a personal success story involving his son. “We were out there cleaning the pool after winter and I turned my back for a second and I didn’t even hear him hit the water. When I looked he was in the pool, it was very dirty and murky but he was on top because he was wearing a flotation device.”

If you would like more information about the coalition or drowning prevention go to



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