(Las Vegas, NV)  —  Newt Gingrich’s main benefactor may be giving up on his presidential campaign.  JewishJournal.com reports Sheldon Adelson told a small group at this week’s TribeFest event the former House speaker is “at the end of his line” for the Republican nomination.  The Las Vegas Sands chairman opposes Rick Santorum because of his conservative views on social issues, and remains unimpressed with Mitt Romney, comparing him to President Obama.  Adelson’s family has donated $15-million to Gingrich’s Super PAC.

  1. Plainer says:

    Newt is intellectually the smartest of the GOP candidates in my opinion but he brings with it some habits typically attributed to educators and university professors : inability to viscerally connect with the voters, strong on ideas but short on detail, aloof and distant. Very few educators became POTUS. Only 3 come to mind : John Adams, Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson. Wilson was the only one with a PhD while Newt has a doctorate in history.

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