(Las Vegas, NV) – The American Society of Civil Engineers honored the Hoover Dam bypass bridge with the the most outstanding civil engineering project for 2012. With the highest and longest arch in the Western hemisphere, the bridge spans over a third of a mile 900 feet above the Colorado River. The engineers’ society recognized it for its purpose of reducing vulnerability of a terrorist attack on the Hoover Dam. Additionally, the society touted individual construction efforts for tough working conditions, namely the rugged terrain, triple digit temperatures and winds up to 70 miles per hour during the five year 240 million dollar project. The Hoover Dam bypass bridge was picked over other projects in Delaware, California, Utah and Oregon.

Comments (3)
  1. C Flammini says:

    the picture in article is the Glen Canyon Dam, not Hoover

  2. R. Sharp says:

    The rock around Hoover Dam is black lava, not red sandstone. Looking at the dam itself, it is clear that this is not a picture of Hoover Dam.

  3. R. Sharp says:

    The Hoover Dam bypass bridge is a concrete, not steel, arch.

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