SALT LAKE CITY (CBS Las Vegas) — State senators in Utah have voted in support of a bill, now destined for gubernatorial approval, that will allow schools throughout the state to drop their sex education programs, if they so choose.

According to the website for Utah’s State Legislature, the original general description of the measure states that its aim is to “modif[y] requirements for health instruction, including human sexuality instruction.”

“This bill … requires human sexuality instruction or instructional programs to teach and stress … the importance of abstinence from all sexual activity before marriage and fidelity after marriage as the only sure methods for preventing certain communicable diseases,” the original draft states. “A local school board or charter school governing board may, but is not required to, provide human sexuality instruction or instructional programs.”

Amendments were made on March 6 to fine-tune what would no longer be acceptable during sex education classes.

“Human sexuality instruction or instructional programs may not include instruction in, or the advocacy of, the intricacies of intercourse, sexual stimulation, or erotic behavior; the use of contraceptive methods or devices; or sexual activity outside of marriage,” the amended stipulation states.

In earlier drafts of the bill, homosexuality was also listed among the list of taboo subjects.

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that the Senate passed HB363 by a vote of 19-10.

“To replace the parent in the school setting, among people who we have no idea what their morals are, we have no ideas what their values are, yet we turn our children over to them to instruct them in the most sensitive sexual activities in their lives, I think is wrongheaded,” Sen. Stuart Reid, R-Ogden, told the Tribune.

And ultimately, parents will have power over whether or not they want their students involved in sex education course work, using permission slips to grant them access to the classes.

Sen. Ross Romero, D-Salt Lake City, spoke out against the measure, explaining that not all children will have access to the same knowledge in the home and outside of the classroom.

“We’ve been discussing this as if every child has the benefit of two loving and caring parents who are ready to have a conversation about appropriate sexual activity, and I’m here to tell you that’s just not the case,” Romero told the Tribune.

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  1. Joe Doakes says:

    To educate a child in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.

    1. JudyT says:

      It is the parent(s), guardian, family member, to rear their children. The schools, who constantly complain about under funding, have arrogantly decided to take on all forms of social engineering, instead of their mandate, which is to teach academics. Reading, writing, mathematics, science, HISTORY for pete’s sake, CIVICS, unvarnished, unchanged and truthfully. If they were to focus their resources on these critical needs, then they would be providing a needed service to society. But it is much easier to teach esoteric subjects that have no clear equivalency testing that is measurable. SEX should not even be a topic at school. There have always been children that have less that perfect home lives, but that is life. What is going on in schools today by teachers that have been indoctrinated by our institutions of (HIGHER) learning is not teaching. Period.

      1. jmr says:

        Ooh, JudyT, you and several others on this board are TRULY ignorant, right-wing extremist full-mooners! I DID NOT know that I had stumbled upon a Web site for mentally-ill, conspiratorial, Fox News/hate radio manipulated, anti-government psychos. It’s fun (but also REALLY disturbing) to see how things are here at the funny farm! 🙂

      2. Pete says:

        Judy, I went to a parochial school where sex education wasn’t even mentioned. What did you think I wanted to do between the ages of 13 and EVEN NOW AS I TYPE THIS? Teaching children that if they engage in an activity that they may not emotionally be ready to engage in there may be adverse effects like STD, pregnancy, and the responsibilities that go along with it can never be a bad idea. You’re right in the sense that there has to be parental involvement and accountability. For the children whose parents do not care about their emotional well-being, what recourse do they have? There is nothing wrong with showing someone that if they engage in sex, they may get a STD, or have a baby as a result. Teens have been figuring out ways to elude parental control and have sex since teens realized what sex is, and they’ll continue to do it, even in Utah.

      3. NVRAT says:

        Judy T, you are right on mark. Our society produced manly smart children from schools and universities when true academics were taught. And morals were taught at home by responsible parents or guardians. Those that disagree are undoubtedly products of an later educational system that practices indoctrination of society thru Liberal Teaching.

      4. Pete says:


        You are the definition of moron!

      5. attilathehun says:

        Right on right on!

      6. Zip says:

        Finally, Let have a few choices once and a while.


      7. jmr says:

        NVRAT: “indoctrination of society thru Liberal Teaching.”

        I think you could really use some book learning THROUGH liberal arts teaching at an accredited college or university.

      8. Bahahahaha says:

        By this philosophy children shouldn’t go to school at all. We live in a world where people die or destroy their futures by having sex before they fully understand the risks. I know it is a religious taboo to discuss pleasures of the flesh with your children but not all parents know as much as someone trained as an educator on the matter and that is the truth. We’re better off as a society knowing that our children understand the risks of doing the nasty than not especially in a society where more and more turn-key kids are about. “SEX should not even be a topic at school” get real, when my peers and I started reaching puberty that is all we talked about…in school. Better that teachers give the knowledge than a bunch of hormonal kids going off what they saw on TV in cases where the parents are inept. But then again letting people that don’t have competent guardians fall through the cracks is the crackpot way. If I never got sex ed in school I guarantee I would be worse off today than I am.

      9. SenateApprovesNothing says:

        And this is news? So much of the news is made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      10. Bahahahaha says:

        NVRAT, in case you haven’t noticed the world has changed and the typical nuclear family found in the 50’s-early 70’s is completely out of reach for the middle class as we know it. We can’t afford the stay at home mom and breadwinner model anymore. We rely more on educators because they have our kids in their hands for more time than we can afford to and when they are not in their hands they are inundated with homework. History will judge the dimwits who think a solution for some is the best solution for all. In this case it will end horribly for the children who have inept parents. But hey, they are damned anyway so forsaking them is the new american way as gov’t is under siege by religious zealots.

      11. jasperddbagghost says:

        JMR Is angry because him and his boyfriend can’t have a baby from the butt.

        Back to your salad-tossing fest.

      12. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        The irony of seeing jmr raving about hate, extremism and ignorance made my day. Thanks for the laugh.

      13. Flashman1854 says:


        You have stated the facts perfectly. AND, as one of your detractors has written, you are not a right-wing nut. You are stating common sense.

        If the schools want to actually prepare a child for the world than do this: teach the kids to READ. And teach this at a young age. Also, teach them vocabulary. (I have an old set – old?, from 1962, of World Book Dictionaries, It contains a list of words students should know at each grade level. I do believe that the words listed for 10-12 grades are not known to many college grads of today.)

        Teach the kids the classics in literature. Don’t teach things as: African studies (to give black kids self respect), or Latino studies, or women’s studies, etc. If you want to raise a kids self respect teach them to speak beautiful English (it IS the international language of business), teach them math, science, geography, etc. Hard sciences. Teach them music (how to read music), A kid should be able to know the great poets, etc. That is what will raise a kids self worth.

        Judy is correct. And we ‘right-wingers’ are doing it FOR the kids. The black kids, the latino kids, all kids. I guarantee you if a black young man or woman, speaking perfect English “the King’s English”, with impeccable grammar, with a great knowledge of history (real history), and wonderful academics under his or her belt, that kid is going to get hired, and fast, and be on the speedy track to running any company they work for. THAT is how you actually help these kids.

        The school system has failed us. It is one of the biggest scams of the past 40 years.

      14. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        Bahhahaha (or however you spell you name),

        …and do you know WHY single-income families have trouble getting ahead today? If you go back to this country’s best days you’ll notice something rather important missing– millions of deadwood govt parasites looting the fed, state and local treasuries for 6-figure pensions after 20 or fewer years on the job as a glorified paperweight. It’s no coincidence– it’s how leftists always have and always will bring down civilizations– forced dependency until collapse. A sneak preview is showing in Europe right now.

      15. bumpkin says:

        JudyT, I totally agree, and dont worry about jmr; s/he is ignorant and abusive. Thus, not worthy of even a read.

    2. Mike Bingham says:

      Joe show me one concrete fact in regards how letting schools teach kids about sex that has helped in creating more civil teens in America. You can’t and you are pathetic to even make such a ignorant statement.

      You libs love fantasy land and hate facts.

    3. Rebekah says:

      I lived and worked in Utah in Labor and delivery and currenlty live and work in Arizona also in Labor and Delivery and there are certainly many more teen pregnancies and STD’s in Arizona where sex-ed is taught in the schools. It is almost the expectation among some cultures here that kids have kids. Frankly, it doesn’t matter what you teach or don’t teach at school in regards to sex. What is taught at home is what will ultimately matter the most.

      1. JohnF says:

        Thank you Rebekah for stating the unvarnished truth. Kids already know that sex leads to babies and all kinds of nasty diseases, they have been flooded with that for years by the time they reach the age.

        It only takes 5 minutes to teach a teen that sex leads to babies, and if you do it unprotected you can get nasty diseases. It’s a pamphlet for crying out loud.

        What they really need is to be taught willpower, and that choices have consequences.

        They can only get that from their parents. The two things that kept me from having sex as a teenager was the fear of getting a girl pregnant and the embarrassment of having to buy condoms. Unless someone has the moral character and will power to behave themselves, all the ‘education’ is useless.

    4. steelers01 says:

      Sorry Joe, I usually agree with your posts but it is bad enough to have the liberals educate our sons and daughters. I want NO liberal puke educating my children in sex ed…that is the job of the PARENTS!

    5. Doug Leen says:

      So you also believe that sports should not be taught in schools?

  2. Bob says:

    Congratulations Utah! You are on your way to pass Texas and Kansas as putting the most effort into the National IQ Reduction Program. Get rid of teaching science and replace it with Christian studies and we’ll pass Iran and Afghanistan soon.

    1. Jeff says:

      Oh Bob Bob Bob…. Go back to your strip bar to work on getting that IQ of yours up a bit.

      1. jmr says:

        Oh Jeff Jeff Jeff. Go back to whatever unaccredited creationism-teaching school you come from that failed to prepare you intellectually (and mentally) for life.

      2. Jeff says:

        Oh jmr, so orginal…. Actually I’ll have you know I graduted from the higly accredited creationism school of SEX ED CAN BE TAUGHT FROM HOME. BTW, would you mind explaining the difference of being prepared intellectually vs mentally, as you appear so very wise in your liberalism comment.

      3. Marto says:

        Jeff, are you serious????? Do you actually want the lib parents to teach their kids about sex instead of the government???? That’s outrageous! What are the libs to do without the government to guide them through every task of their daily lives????

      4. jmr says:

        I don’t know Marto, your right-wing psychos LOVE big government when it comes to sticking your noses into peoples’ bedrooms and for ANYTHING to do with women’s health. What would you right-wingers do without the government to oppress and harass women?

      5. hgh says:

        JMR it takes more “big governement” to teach an extra subject than not – if you are going to be immature and intellectually dishonest at least try to be logical. Funny how when someone wants to pass a law sayign Government stay out of somethign you see that as an intrusion into your rights – very strange way of looking at things. If you memebrs of the Lefty brain trust would stop assuming the world owes you everything you might not be so dissapointed when someone says earn it or provide it yourself.

      6. Bob says:

        Well, I haven’t been to a strip bar in many years, so that is a good idea. But the point at hand is that human biology is a necessary part of learning in this or any rational society. Why should that be taught exclusively at home instead of in a school? The only answer I can come up with is that people are brainwashed by religious dogma. Sex is a scary, taboo topic. So instead of dealing with it or having to answer questions from their kids, they would rather keep their kids in the dark or only give them their narrow opinions on the topic.

        Lots of parents can teach math at home too. Should the schools stop teaching that? In fact, so much of science is just opinion to religious fanatics, we should probably just stop teaching that and let kids think evolution is just some dead guys opinion.

        Parents need to talk to their kids about sex. They need to teach them about their religions viewpoints. But as a nation, it is our responsibility to teach all of our children as much as they can learn to move this country forward. Religious blindness can only hold us back.

      7. Jeff says:

        Bob, here’s the deal….. I as a tax payer am paying for public education. I along with many other people feel that it is a waste of time and resources to teach children about SEX in public school. I would be very surprised to learn of any private school system teaching sex ed. I want my children learning their ABCs and 123s.

        How do you create an equivalency between teaching sex ed and teaching science and human biology? I just cannot follow that line of thought. You automatically make the jump from sex ed to religious dogma…. The sex ed issue is just one more area of government waste that needs to be cut down!

        To be honest, it’s insulting for you to assume anyone who agrees with what Utah did, to have been brainwashed by religion. And to claim parents who teach their children about sexual activity to be narrow minded…. that’s ridiculous! You obviously have a serious issue with religion in general. Not all conservatives are evangelical nut-jobs. The vast majority of those with conservative values respect religion but aren’t necessarily bible thumpers. Come back toward the middle right where the majority of Americans tend to be, and steer clear from the nancy pelosi ideologues.

      8. Bob says:

        Jeff, I despise Pelosi and the radical left. I happen to despise the religious right a tiny bit more. Sex Ed is one of those areas that kids need to learn about to protect themselves and others. Most parents do a fine job of it, but many do not. Spending a small chunk of time informing kids of the potential risks involved (std and pregnancy being the biggest) is worth those tax dollars.

        The connection between teaching sex ed and science is religion. Both are important topics for everyone to understand and both are topics the blindly religious try to shut down.

        You want to cut down government waste? Start with the politicians themselves, not by narrowing what our children learn.

        I do have serious issues with religion in general. That issue is that our country and our children future is being dictated by religious motivations. You can’t seriously tell me that this isn’t a religiously motivated law. Not everyone who agrees with it is religiously motivated, but the law itself is. Religious people are capable of teaching their kids about sex, but you cannot deny, that the more fanatic the belief, the more narrow the teaching will be.

    2. Bahahahaha says:

      Ben Franklin is spinning in his grave as separation of church and state erodes under radical Ideals aka Shariah Law. It’s cool though, this will bring STD’s and teen pregnancy rates up in Utah, then more kids will ask questions, die, or start their lives as parents before they are old enough to drive burdening the “socialist” support system even more before they realize that an ounce of prevention is worth it’s weight in gold. Bury your noses in the good book a little longer everyone who doesn’t believe the world has changed since the new testament was written you are way better off there.

      1. hgh says:

        it’s really to bad that you can’t be trusted to raise your own kids – you apaprently are sorrowfully lacking in that area or you wouldn’t be seeking to have someone else do it for you. Oh and being hateful and suggesting someone not wanting a school to teach their kids about sex is euqivalent to creationism or some sort of religious only pont of view either highlights you as duplicitous or short in the deductive reasoning end of logic. Either way I can undertsand your need to be coddled and directed by your government

      2. AMSilver says:

        A fine example of being completely unable to understand history. BEFORE sex was taught in schools, pregnancy out of wedlock and STDs were rare. AFTER sex was taught in schools, pregnancy out of wedlock and STDs became common to the point where 25% of teen girls have an STD. If sex ed worked, then STDs and unwanted pregnancies shouldn’t be occurring at all, because the rates of such things would have decreased.

        I love it how leftists think they are so smart, but everything they support has no factual basis. Leftists are anti-science, anti-morals, and anti-common sense.

      3. Bahahahaha says:

        I had the talk with my kids prior to them getting it in school and I am not offended or opposed to the fact that they got a review and good grades associated with those tests to boot. I am concerned about the kids who’s parents don’t do what I did. It is the overly religious that cause the most problems with letting this be a part of school curriculum. I am a strong believer in giving people who are disadvantaged whatever I can and education is easy. A lot of people can’t be trusted to give their kids the tools they need to live a happy healthy life (have you seen the obesity rate in this country?). I spent 3 years as a guidance counselor in Broward county Florida early in my career. We had a separate high school for pregnant girls and girls with kids because of poor sex education at home. What works well in the households of affluent Americans with aware parents does not trickle into the ghettos and the people in the ghetto are the people that burden our system the most. I think for the greater good if a parent doesn’t address the issue with their children before the school does, that is the fault of the parent and not the educational system. But now it’s all on the parent in UT and if the kids parents don’t know any better or don’t care their children will be made to suffer. I’m sure if Christ were here today he would be behind this 100% because he hated poor children who’s parents have forsaken them. In case you haven’t noticed a lot of people who weren’t ready to be parents tend to be parents, a lot of people who don’t get the talk also wind up being parents. With regard to your berating: I now reside in UT, If you are trying to say that Orrin Hatch (BYU alum) and Mike Lee (son of the founding dean of BYU) are not imposing religious beliefs in the foundation of their laws you are Naive and should read up on BYU. My government does not coddle or direct me and I do not attack elements of it that do good for people outside of my world, but that is the difference between people like you and I. I choose to look outside of my blessings at those who are less fortunate in their lives and upbringings and pay attention to the long term impact these factors will bring upon society as a whole. But hey, us Utes need more taxpayers so maybe it is just coincidence that this falls in line with Hatch and Lee’s religious ideals. Next step will be throwing aside all school curriculum and having our kids study the book of mormon front to back for 12 years because we all know that Joseph Smith had it all figured out from the get-go.

      4. Bahahahaha says:

        AM Silver,
        More people had the church to keep them in fear of damnation for sex out of wedlock. In case you haven’t noticed everyone does not have that dogma hanging over their heads now. Your statistics do not take into account how much our population has grown with regard to natural born citizens and immigrants. STD commonality has “increased” since the 80’s with the discovery of HIV/AIDS and better screening for STD’s that commonly went unoticed. The variables surrounding teen pregnancy increases can be attributed to our children being exposed to more sexual content in advertising, television programming, music, and the internet. If you are trying to argue that someone telling a kid that doing this and not being safe about it is going to make your chances of being able to have a good life is inspiring kids to be rebel and ruin their futures. Well, that says enough about you.

    3. Bahahahaha says:

      They call this Shariah law in Iran

      1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        If you hate it so much, then why are you guys trying so hard to spread it to Israel too?

    4. GGM says:

      Funny thing, Bob, University of Texas did a study to see how abstinence education impacted teen pregnancy and STD rates. It actually didn’t much to their (and my) surprise. The important thing seems to be an education program of some sort. Schools where there was neither a abstinence nor a contraception based program had higher rates of teen pregnancy and STDs than schools with either of the other two programs. I’m am still a proponent of contraception based programs especially after reading that in some inner city areas HIV infection among Black women is found at 5 times the rate that data models predict.

    5. Hermit_boy says:

      100 years ago there was no sex education in the schools. As a result, there was rampant sexual promiscuity and virtually everyone had an STD. Parents, despite having had sex in order to have the kid in the first place, had no idea what sex was or how to speak to their children about it.

      Thank goodness we have sex ed in schools now, and things are so much better than they were 100 years ago. Poor Utah. They are in for it.

  3. soccer153 says:

    Giving power back to parents- great job Utah!

    1. Jsmith says:


      @Bob — not all education takes place in schools, nor should it.

    2. jmr says:

      Creating more STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and abortions is more like it. Especially after reading the comments of the weak-minded right-wing extremist full-mooners on this comments page, I guess maybe sex ed in school might not help seeing how crazy and uniformed the kids’ parents are. I guess Fox News will have to teach the kids everything about life like it does their parents.

      1. Ned Stark says:

        Show a link from sex ed to lower rates of any of these things. In fact, the rates have exponentially skyrocketed in all areas despite more and more of this ‘education’ in public schools.

        Reality once again puts liberal ideology in it’s place.

        You have nothing but slander and hatred jmr. This is how the modern American liberal now argues, because this is how your supposedly superior ‘rationality’ works.

        Scream and cry and pound your fist like a child denied a toy, then accuse others of being irrational by renaming your stance ‘logical.’

        What utter garbage. That’s what liberal ideology is. Garbage.

      2. hgh says:

        too bad you raise stupid kids that can’t reason things out – being the twit you are you dishonestly equate some public school program as the only way for a child to be raised – just becasue you aren’t up to the task it is mentally weak of you to suggest everyone else is – or even if they are that somehow that provides you with the responsiblity to “correct” that condition. Feel free to keep on keeping on being the smart atheist social and moral authority on your own and allow all of us pitiful people to die off of our own accord – fair enough?

      3. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        Lol, ever compared the pre- and post-sex ed numbers of pregnancies and STDs? Oops, sorry, I forgot what happens when you people are confronted with FACTS.

    3. jmr says:

      Giving a boon to VD clinics and abortion providers is more like it, soccer153.

    4. Bahahahaha says:

      Parents never lost the power. You can teach your kids algebra at home, they still will need to pass the class. This is a safety net for those who don’t get what they need from their parents. But then again sex-ed can be considered a form of birth control (and is by the us Govt) so in the name of Shariah Law it has been revoked in UT. Here’s to more STD’s and teen pregnancies among Mormons.

  4. jmr says:

    To foolishly not teach sexual education to students WHO ARE MOST DEFINITELY HAVING SEX, can rot children’s minds with syphilis and lead to LOTS of morally questionable unplanned teenage pregnancies. And you better believe a fair share of those unplanned children grow up to be menaces to society.

    Right-wing extremist wacko Republicans. Thank God they will be out of power at the national level after November’s election.

    1. Jsmith says:

      Brilliant remark.

      Republicans are not in power at the national level, goof ball. Try reading the news instead of just writing here.

      1. jmr says:

        Unfortunately, Jsmith, your stupidity is showing. Right-wing extremists control the U.S. House of Representatives. That’s a NATIONAL legislature. Well, they will control it until the November elections. The nation is sick to death of ignorant s#!t kickers running the House and expanding government with anti-union laws and countless anti-women’s health laws and regulations.

      2. Bahahahaha says:

        Big government is a right wing no-no unless it is in Jesus name.

      3. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        Are you for freakin real, jmr? Ever here of these things called the White House and Senate? Your hometown must have the strongest teachers union on the PLANET!

      4. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

        I’ll save you the time. HEAR. It was a typo, but nice try.

    2. Johnny B Goode says:

      @JMR you are the wacko pervert.

      1. Jeff says:

        Johnny, you forgot lazy pro union, free BC leech.

      2. jmr says:

        Johnny B Goode, why is it that I feel certain that if the FBI served a search warrant on your computer, agents would find loads of child pornography on it? You just strike me as that kind of individual. Wacko and perverted.

      3. Jeff says:

        JMR, every comment you leave removes all doubt from readers…. Can you say anything more ridiculous?? From a 5 word comment from Johnny you get a sensation in your arachnads that Johnny is a pedophile? It’s pretty comical actually as you basically just said ” oh no I’m not, you are”. Try to elevate yourself beyond the 5th grader comebacks….. Oh wait, isn’t 5th grade when you took your sex ed class and which lead you to be mentally intellectual?

    3. JudyT says:

      I hope that some day, when you become an adult, that you will understand the foolishness of your post. It does not matter what these kids are doing when they are in school, what matters is what they learn when they are there. If you cannot graduate a student with the knowledge needed to succeed in today’s world, then they are failures. Public school was never intended to address societal issues other than providing all children an equal educational opportunity. Now that has been taken away from them because we put in substandard teachers, concentrate on everything but academics, and complain because the schools don’t have enough funding to hand our free condoms. Are you all that BLIND>

      1. Roger says:

        Sorry Judy, The way the country is evolving, the only thing they need to learn is how to put their hands out…

    4. JudyT says:

      WE can use you as a stereotype. If you have something intelligent to say, say it, if all you can do is resort to high school name calling and bad language, then you prove my point.

      1. jmr says:

        JudyT, don’t you see that you are the stereotype of the uninformed (although I have to admit well-intention sounding) right-winger? You advocate right-wing social engineering. That’s a really messed up thing to do in a free society. It’s oppressive.

    5. Jan says:

      Are you a parent?

      1. jmr says:

        I am. I have a lovely teenage daughter who is disease and pregnancy free thanks to a father that sees that she gets regular women’s health care and birth control medication. She has a wonderful boyfriend whom she is free to enjoy at all levels. They will be going to the same university together in the fall. I’m sorry if anyone is disappointed that I don’t have a child with VD or an unplanned pregnancy like you people are so desperate for in Utah.

      2. Hazel Loosli says:

        jmr, how proud you must be raising another Miss Fluke and thank you for having her on birth control cause we REALLY don’t need anymore liberals.

    6. Roger says:

      Name one piece of legislation right-wingers have passed and signed into law in the last 6 years?
      Ooops, those darn facts seem to always get in the way.

      Regarding November’s election… we’ll see.

    7. Ned Stark says:

      No, you fool. A majority is not control. Control is the supermajority the dems had, with a dem president for two years. Dems could have passed any legislation short of a constitutional amendment COMPLETELY unopposed and what we got was a failing economy, a disaster of a foreign policy, rampant unemployment, insane gas prices, and a deficit and debt that will not be repaid in my lifetime.

      Liberalism isn’t just a mental disorder, it’s a cultural disease. Truth is the cure.

      Now go back to your tent at the OWS camp, nobody’s buying the garbage you’re selling.

    8. hgh says:

      funny how you project your own inability to raise your kids onto others – just because the shcool is the only source for quality information and rearing for your own ittle monsters you assume it must be for everyone else. You need ot take a logic course becaseu you are embarrassing yourself.

    9. GGM says:

      Another ‘tolerant’ member of the left heard from. People like you spewing your venom do more for the GOP than you imagine.

  5. Johnny B Goode says:

    Congratulations UTAH on restoring liberty to the people and ending a fascist progressive program to brainwash our children.

    Bob guys like you are perverts and we want your kind out of our schools. Take you Progressive agenda and shove up your …

    1. jmr says:

      Johnny B Goode, you also strike me as the kind of person who enjoys things being shoved up your …

      1. Ned Stark says:

        Liberal logic, everyone. On display for free thanks to jmr.

  6. Terri says:

    Good for Utah~~ Why do schools have to teach “everything”? Parents need to step up and be responsible for their children~

    1. jmr says:

      Why do schools have to teach everything? NOW THERE is the most BRILLIANT statement on the comments board. That’s right. You know, why do major surgeries have to happen in hospitals? Why do casinos offer gambling. How can people so stupid and backwards as to ask why schools have to teach things be allowed to roam free in our society?

    2. Mark says:

      jmr – They obviously have failed to impart debate skills or critical thinking.
      What you are engaging in is known as an ad hominem attack. It is a ridiculous fallacy, and shows a great deal of inexperience or willful ignorance on the part of the debater that employs it.

      I assume (with a lot of justification) that you will respond that I am an uninformed right wing blah blah yackety schmackety.. Again. You can do nothing except reinforce my point. Thank you. I winned.

  7. seenbetterdaze says:

    How did our once Great Public schools manage to educate American children since the Civil War and successfully turn out the greatest scientists, inventors, engineers, thinkers, technologists, astronauts, with NO SEX education to speak of …except for maybe Home Ec. for the girls? Today’s public schools are full of unqualifed and sometimes perverted teachers who can’t manage to teach kids to READ? If they did the JOB in the 3 R’s it would not be so offensive to parents…but schools have turned into babysitters, who try to Brainwash our kids into good little DumbocRATS.

    1. jmr says:

      “DumbocRATS” Now that is one I have not heard before! Thank you, seenbetterdaze, you glorious right-wing extremist fascist, you! 🙂

  8. jimmy says:

    I live in utah, and yes i wanted to scream after reading this. If you don’t educate your child, they’re gonna go with curiosity and its not gonna be like ‘Curious George’ where he almost gets killed and then handed a banana in the end. No, it’ll be something real and breathing as a consequence. Ya we shot ourselves in the foot.


    1. Jan says:

      “If you don’t educate your child”
      Why don’t you talk to your child yourself about such intimate issues. Why would you need a stranger to do that?

      ‘Curious George’

      1. Roger says:

        He’s rather just make babies than properly raise them to be productive in society. He was taught that to be productive means spitting out more babies and being controlled by your hormones. Seeing he believes in evolution, you’d have thought he’s evolve into something more than a set of testicles.

      2. jimmy says:

        when i have kids i will teach them about this (im only 21). but i’ve met far to many kids (15+ and older…Much older) that have no clue. The awful truth is that many parents dont do that because it creates an awkward barrier you cant trust parents alone to teach their kids. it just doesn’t happen around utah. Ya, the system may need some changes, but to stop completely (which is what schools will do) is asking for trouble.

  9. Jan says:

    My kids are older, but if they have children some day– move to Utah!!!

    1. jmr says:

      Yes, Jan, they can move to Utah so your grandchildren can get venereal diseases, and if you’re REAL lucky, you can get an unplanned great-grandchild. WON’T YOU BE PROUD?!

      1. Jan says:

        Wow! Moving to Utah = venereal diseases AND you can get an unplanned great-grandchild.
        Are you in Economic Development for the State of Utah?
        Are you writing under both jimmy and jmr?
        I am trying to be polite in my posts. How about you?

  10. Just Saying says:

    It’s interesting to see all the HATE in the comments. Ever wonder if it was the intent of the article? Hate on the right, the left, the middle. Wow, you think people forgot we are all on this one tiny little planet together?
    Just Saying!

    1. Roger says:

      I pretty much see hate coming from one side… the other seems reasonable, polite and thought out… just sayin

  11. Dubliner says:

    The countries with the most comprehensive sex education programmes are the ones with the lowest abortion rates and lowest teen pregnancy rates. God forbid the US should emulate those that get it right.

    1. jmr says:

      Amen, to that, Dubliner! Wisdom from across the pond.

      1. Taxpayer Bob says:

        Having none of your own, it’s reasonable you would have a need to import some.

    2. Roger says:

      And “the most comprehensive sex education programs” are determined how?

      If evolution is true, why haven’t humans evolved beyond teens being controlled by their hormones like the rest of the lower animals. Surely, one can see the benefit of being guided by reason in terms of the destruction unwanted pregnancies have wrought on humani… sorry. Don’t let me interrupt your theology.

  12. Roger says:

    Let us see; what have the abortion rates and STD rates done since the government mandated sex education? Ooops, lets not let facts get in the way.

    1. Trini says:

      “If the test of a good program is whether it works, why are we still pursuing sex “education.” Has the sexual environment improved over the more than half century in which this experiment has been tried and failed? Everything is worse: promiscuity, the number of unwanted pregnancies, the number of unwed mothers, venereal disease. What kind of idiot persists in teaching a subject that at best has no effect, and at worst might well be contributing to the problems? Kill the programs, save the money.”- Gregory Nadelstich


  13. Linda says:

    The liberals are at it again, playing elitist – thinking people are too stupid to be able to handle any aspect of their family life without government intervention. Parents have responsibility to instill values and instruct their child in sex education. Why do liberals think that government should take the place of parents? Just for the record: liberal feminist movement first advocates abortion and Obama has voted for partial birth abortion. If people are not aware, they might want to research WHO Margaret Sanger was. She started Planned Parenthood, spoke at KKK meetings and advocated abortion to “get rid of the undesirables.” Look it up, a thoroughly disgusting drug addict, alcoholic, Nazi-loving, population control nut. Families have been undermined by liberal “progressive” take-overs in legal, judicial, and education arenas. Fathers have been demonized,(children made monetary -so that not necessarily the best parent gets custody) and their is a debtors prison awaiting fathers unable to pay exorbitant child support payments based on potential not reality earnings. Yes, liberals have done great damage to families. Thank heavens Utah is taking back some family control and responsibility and giving it where it should be – to the parents! The tide is turning! Anyone voting for Obama this time around should know this:

  14. jmr says:

    Right-wingers, thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to educate, scold, tease, and just generally have fun with you today. ALL OF YOU MADE MY WEEKEND!

    I’d keep in mind something. I’d keep it in mind REAL GOOD, too. We on the left aren’t the ignorant ones. We’re not the ones with a fascist agenda. We’re not the ones out to destroy society. We’re not the ones out to harass and oppress women and deny them of their basic health care rights. We’re not the ones trying to set this nation back to the 1950s.

    I’ll tell you what else we’re not: Scared of you people. We’re also not pushovers anymore, either. What you people got today from me was JUST A KISS of what you’re going to get this election season from the left.

    We on the left are on the correct side of history and the majority of Americans agree with US. Not your right-wing extremism and not your deluded, outdated, and patriarchal societal vision. We on the left believe in freedom, equality, the Constitution, and the United States of America. And there is NO WAY–NO WAY AT ALL–That we are going to let you right-wing/Tea Party/Republicans–whatever it is you call your brand of fascism these days–destroy this great nation.

    So right-wingers, get ready to turn out the lights. Because your party IS OVER.

    Alright! Have a good day 🙂

    1. Roger says:

      Facts are the “darndest” things.

    2. Billy Joanness says:

      No, you and your president are just trying to destroy society as we have known it.

    3. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Omfg, you’re actually trying to be serious, aren’t you? You mean like the “freedom FROM freedom” you’ve brought to Cuba, North Korea, USSR, Nazi Germany, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Sudan, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, etc., etc… Constitution? Please, you’re embarrassing yourself. Btw, genius, in case you haven’t figured it out yet– and it certainly sounds like you haven’t– you CAN’T simultaneously have “freedom” and “equality of outcome”.

  15. ROWDY BOOTS says:


    It is about time the Government allowed and induced parents to teach their children the facts of sexuality.




    they never work!

  16. 'Nother son 'O Ursus says:

    “This bill … requires human sexuality instruction or instructional programs to teach and stress … the importance of abstinence from all sexual activity before marriage and fidelity after marriage as the only sure methods for preventing certain communicable diseases,” the original draft states…”

    When I think of ‘abstinence only’, I think of 2 issues:
    …the ‘Bristol Palin & vodka-school of pregnancy-prevention’ & S.T.D. avoidance!

    And the cruel fact that, in addition to a potential pregnancy, when the neighborhood rapist(s) come a-callin’, s/he/they often leave an S.T.D.!

    The victim is just as abstinent as s/he was, before the assault, and just as affected, (negatively, &/or, ‘life-threateningly’), by any resulting pregnancy / medical-surgical trauma, and/or S.T.D.!

    The recent self-euthanization by two, (otherwise ‘closeted’), Catholic priests, (in Italy; a month or so ago, now…), is a classic case in point:

    While it doesn’t involve rape specifically, the story relates how these two clerics enjoyed their gay-bath/night club/men’s room experience, then developed Hiv-Aid’s, as a result, (presumably) of failure to wear their rubbers when ‘venturing forth into the rain’, so to speak
    They decided to jump off a cliff, holding hands, (or so the story relates), but ‘chickened out’; they resorted to having the local drug-dealers kill them…

    Utah legislators obviously prefer death, pregnancy &/or S.T.D. acquisition to common sense, don’t they?
    Why DON’T we want to protect our Utah-dwelling & other children from these (allegedly ‘Divinely-Retributive’) punishments?

    I hope that every child who comes out of this school system & develops either an STD and/or an unwanted pregnancy, resulting in abortion-or-birth sues the school system for failure to comply with commonly-accepted professional education standards!

    1. bla bla bla says:

      Haha Genius… Utah already had the most conservative sex ed of all 50 states. Do you find it weird that Utah ranks close to last in Teenage pregnancies and STD’s? You should educate yourself a lil bit next time.

  17. gingerbread says:

    You mean to say that there are actually politicians with COMMON SENSE around? It has always been the parents thathad the perrogatives to teach their children about sexuality. When the GOVERNMENT took that away from the parents, guess what, we had an explosion of fatherless children. WoW, who’d have thought that that was going to happen.

  18. Joann says:

    Finally people are smartening up.
    Do liberals know what the latest scientific info is on the effectiveness of condoms against STD’s?
    80% effective against HIV
    50-70% lowers risk of HPV in men, some studies show NO protection for women
    50% reduced risk for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis (The first two can cause PID which causes infertility–the CDC estimates 24,000 women discover they are infertile every year)
    30% reduced risk for herpes.

    These are rates of correct and consistent use. Teens make up 9.5 million cases of STD’s every year, meaning 1 in 4 get them.

    A few studies have shown that 45% of women contract HPV at first sexual intercourse–the same HPV that causes cancer-the vaccine can reduce 70% of cancer causing strains but not all.

    According to the CDC, the U.S. has the highest teen pregnancy rate of every developed nation in the world, in fact 9x higher. This is a cultural problem, not a teen hormonal one.

    Go ahead liberals, teach your kids to use condoms, but leave our kids out of it.
    Look up Dr. Meg Meeker on Youtube, her books, also Dr. Miriam Grossman’s books and Dr. Joe McIlhaney’s books.

    1. Joann says:

      Also google “Jemmott abstinence study”.
      Abstinence education is the MOST effective in delaying sexual debut.

  19. sfk says:

    This is a wonderful opportunity for an enterprising young liberal (oxymoron?) to start up a private business in Utah where they can teach sex ed. If parents don’t want to discuss the birds and bees with their children, they can send them to “sex” school. If they can’t afford it, I’m sure this aspiring young liberal business-person will be more than happy to provide this type of education for free.

    1. 'Nother son 'O Ursus says:

      Re: “If parents don’t want to discuss the birds and bees with their children, they can send them to “sex” school…”

      Being a ‘survivor’ of adolescence in the late 50’s-early ‘60’s, I can assure one & all that no responsable adult(s) ever talked to us, (‘young’un’s’), about the ‘birds-‘n-bees’, with the possible exception of pedophiles, during ‘grooming’ discussions!
      I’m a survivor of such ‘grooming’ & J. Ratzinger-like ‘parental indifference’! For the record…Mr. Ratzinger is ‘C.E.O.’ of the Tiber river, Italy, chapter, of

      Wow! …What a wonderful idea!
      Imagine how many (‘unwanted’) pregnancies, acquired S.T.D.’s & broken hearts, with accompanying stress-related early death/disability would be prevented…!
      Church – attendance would probably continue to shrink dramatically…as it is currently doin’!

      …Darwinian_Extinction, anyone?
      If the churchs lie about life threatening issues, such as the Roman Catholic’s, (asserting that condoms are useless to prevent STD-infections), how can we stand by and watch the gullible suffer/increase the unpaid, post infection-medical cost-related bankruptcies so common in our society?

      All in all…this sounds like a multi-level ‘win-win’!

      1. Joann says:

        You should try reading “Broken Promises: How the AIDS establishment betrayed the developing world” by Harvard Researcher Ed Green. The Catholic Church is right about the condom being ineffective in the HIV crisis.

  20. jason cedarholm says:

    sex education should not be taught by the government, but by parents.

  21. Tim says:

    Thisis great! If you have a human sexuality class you can only teach abstinence before marriange, and not different birth control methods. Leave birth control up to the parents, but preach abstinence and fidelity in the schools. I thought this was supposed to let the parents teach morals and values to their children?

  22. gcblues says:

    not only should government not teach sex ed, they should not teach at all. it is past time to close every public school in the USA and go to 100% vouchers for all. the government can license, test and post results, and close the bottom 5% of schools every year. that guarantees ever improving education and keeps costs under control. no student should have to suffer being taught by a unionized public employee. they are exactly the wrong type of person to prepare students for a productive future.

  23. Pay Attention says:

    The simple fact is: The more you allow government to do, the less the people are required to do for themselves. There are thousands of years of proof throughout history. The fall of many civilizations is a symptom of bloated government or an imposing ruling class.

    1. gcblues says:

      amen. it is certainly destroying America.

  24. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    I propose a compromise. Given their track record, make the publik skools teach sex ed only to the children of leftists, and in addition, force them to join a sex union. Then just sit back and wait for them to go extinct.

  25. Rich says:

    You people are so DUMB!!! Do you not know that if you NEVER MENTION the dreaded “s” word that no child will ever hear of it? Oh, sure, you can use the words “wee-wee” when you teach them to be potty trained at age 16, but then you are to NEVER mention anything about anyone’s NASTY BITS again under penalty of death. THEN, no person under the age of 21 will ever hear about the “s” word, and once again all will be right with the world, like it was during, oh, I don’t know, year 1 or something? And ANY PARENT caught mentioning the “s” word at any time in their lives will be executed on the spot by the church, which considers murder OK as long as jesus or some other magic person says so. Let’s not even get into talking snakes, sparerib women, and the NASTY MAGIC FRUIT TREE! Good grief! We MUST keep this stuff secret from impressionable children. Why do you think only 60% of babies today are born out of wedlock? If you start using the “s” word, that number could GO UP! Are you trying to bring liberal values, snobby COLLEGE values to our society??? I mean, who wants to see a surgeon who went to COLLEGE??? That person is a liberal! I would rather DIE than get undressed for a life-saving operation in front of COLLEGE LIBERAL!!! He might see my “NASTY BITS!!!”

    1. gcblues says:

      it is not about sex it is about who are our children’s parents? mom and dad or the state. you might be fine with the ever growing animal farm govt is creating but many are not. that is not unreasonable. in fact, what is unreasonable is have the state consume more and more personal responsibility under the false guise that if government did not do it it would not be done. the reality is that you and the other animal farmers want to decide for other people’s kids how and what is taught. frankly, you deserve what you get, we however do not deserve the same fate you are satisfied with. there is no reason in the world that government should control education from top to bottom. end public schools, do not mend them.

  26. bob says:

    not only should sex ed be taught by the parents, but given the proclivity of teachers with underage students, the last thing you want are these union undereducated perverts trying to indoctrinate your kids.

    1. gcblues says:

      i don’t want them teaching sex or anything else. end public schools!

  27. TJP says:

    Elementary schools shouldn’t be teaching sex ed at all, and the benefits in high school even are debatable unless you’re going at it from an abstinence viewpoint. It’s totally counterintuitive to teach kids how to have sex and then hand out “protection” and not expect them to give it a try. They may be nominally “safer”, but there’s always a 3% to 10%+ failure rate and it’s going to get them in the end. Leave it up to parents to decide how to teach something like that to their kids.

  28. jncarlos007 says:

    I love debates on this kind of topic, it ALWAYS ends up “people that believe in God are stupid”

    which means that the people that believe that the universe exists for no reason whatsoever and came from nothing whatsoever but yet everything else that exists has a reason are super-dooper-smarterest than us.

    I would rather pursue faith to achieve logic than meaninglessness to achieve logic.
    Unfortunately, because God didn’t put an IQ test in to faith so that it was accessable to all we have some who are easy pickens for the “intellectual atheists who can only regurgitate catch phrases.

    Read yor bible, learn your stuff, and they will have to revert to simple name-calling as usual

    1. gcblues says:

      most atheists are conservative, that is because we are rational. you want to read fables and have faith in anything you wish, no problem. i even have no problem, as the supreme court has confirmed, with public money going to religious based organizations as long as the money is not used for religious purposes. schools, hospitals, rehab centers, homeless centers etc. faith has no place, however, in determining public policy. sex ed has nothing to do with religion. it is solely an issue of invasion of the sovereign rights of individuals and families that have committed no crime

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