Nevada Democrat Shelley Berkley wants Rush Limbaugh to join the unemployment line.

Limbaugh, who can be heard on KXNT weekdays from 9a-12p has come under fire after calling a Georgetown University law student a slut. Limbaugh used the term last week after Sandra Fluke urged lawmakers to consider the importance of contraception coverage.

Limbaugh has apologized, but not before losing a handful of advertisers.  Berkeley has also called her opponent for Senate, Dean Heller, Limbaugh’s “water boy”. Heller has stated that he felt the comments by Limbaugh were unnecessary.

Comments (3)
  1. tiredtaxpayer41 says:

    Shelley Berkley, Harry Reid and Barack Obama have ruined Las Vegas with their policies and their rhetoric. Spend, spend, spend the taxpayers money, but as Mr. Obama said, don’t spend your money in Las Vegas. Those words cost thousands of Las Vegans their jobs and their homes. Those that didn’t lose their home lost any equity they had and the high gas prices eat into the family budget. Berkley is trying to quiet Limbaugh, but what about all the media people and her own colleages like Maxine Waters, Sheila Lee and especially Bill Maher who have used worse language and have never apoligized? Berkley needs to retire and quit ruining our community. Obamacare ,that she voted for, guts 1/2 billion dollars from Medicare. I guess they needed it to pay for free birth control for Sandra Fluke.

  2. cloudy1 says:

    I think Berkley is nothing but a political hack & boot licker for the incompetent Obama. If her corrupt party asks her to jump she will answer how high. She is nothing more than that.

  3. paul says:

    tiredtaxpayer41 just nailed it spot on. i could not have said it any better if i sat here and wrote a 3 page imail. not only should she retire, but she should move to san francisco where she belongs where her liberal disease cant be cured!!!!!

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