(Carson City, NV)  —  Most Nevada welfare recipients use their debit cards at banks, ATM’s and grocery stores.  A study of transactions from the last six months of 2011 by the “Nevada News Bureau” found most transactions from clients of the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families were legit.  But a few may have been having a good time on the taxpayer’s dime.  The study found just over two-percent of the withdrawals were made outside Nevada.  They included transactions from Hawaii and Southern California.

  1. paul says:

    its called “WELFARE FRAUD” and “ABUSE”. take it from me: i was raised by a welfare mother who scammed the system every chance she got (its very difficult for me to put this out publicly) and i would guess at least half of the people receiving benefits are scamming it. if we had some kind of watchdog dept. in every state to keep an eye out on the fraud, our govenors wouldnt have to slash the budgets of education and other critical services: millions of dollars would be saved just by elininating all of the fraud and abuse!!!

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