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BYU Student Scolded For Outfit In Secret Note On Valentine’s Day

PROVO, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) – Brigham Young University student Brittany Molina wanted to dress the part on Valentine’s Day by donning a feminine, floral outfit – consisting of a dress, tights, boots and a sweater – that left only her hands, neck and face exposed.

That was still too much for at least one of her classmates, however, as she was the recipient of a secret note reprimanding her for her apparent wardrobe malfunction.

Molina posted on her Twitter account about the reported incident yesterday.

“So this boy came up to me … I thought he was giving me a love note,” she stated. “Turns out…”

At the end of the message, she included a picture of the note (posted below), which tells her that her outfit may have a negative effect on the men and women attending class around her.

“Many people come to this University because they feel safe, morally as well as physically, here,” the note reads. “They expect others to abide by the Honor code that we all agreed on.”

The note concludes by asking her to “consider [her] commitment” to that Honor code when selecting her clothing every morning.

Molina attempted to mollify the situation with humor to her followers.

“You could see my hands,” she jokingly Tweeted. “And I had leggings so my knees were pretty revealing.”

Attempts made by CBS Las Vegas to contact Molina were not immediately answered.

note BYU Student Scolded For Outfit In Secret Note On Valentine’s Day

A screen grab of the note Brittany Molina received about her outfit on Valentine's Day (Photo by Brittany Molina)

  • Nat Readerland

    BYU is the Pharisees of old.

    The Pharisaic tradition, by Jesus’ day, had developed into an array of petty rules having to do with the minutiae of the law. It had little to do with the spirit and intent of the law—and which, in fact, often violated the law

    Ironically, in an attempt to ensure their law-keeping by putting a “hedge” about the law, the Pharisees were breaking the law, for God had said: “You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take anything from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you”

    The Pharisees placed the authority of their traditions above that of Scripture itself, thus going against the word of God.

    Take head BYU…you are the Pharisee of the current day…..think about the Beard card as an example. Started because the professors hated “beatniks”.

    Seriously…Jesus had a beard….

    • Jared

      Yeah seriously. Trolls waiting to pounce. You’re pathetic!

    • Aimee

      BYU had nothing to do with this. It was only one guy who played a prank, and one girl who twittered and FB’d it to the world. Now liberal new outlets and trolls–LIKE YOU–are blowing it way out of proportion. Stopp hating and go get a life!

      • Beau Woodward

        What do you expect from a Mormon???


      BYU is a great school for education , and yes, in order to go you have to follow all their rules. This is about Mormon Culture and not Mormon Doctrine. BYU has these rules in place to promote high morel values. But Self Righteous, Holier than thou type students, teacher, church leaders sure make it hard to be a ‘ True Christian’. Mormon culture is evil and hypocritical of the true teaching of the church. This article is just an example of how stupid and ridiculous some people are about the ‘spirit’ of the law vs. the ‘letter of the law’…

      • Abner Hale

        High morel values? You have the values of a small edible mushroom? Really?

      • Katie

        You are a moron DF. You live in a fog and have no concept about anything other than what the lds has brainwashed you with since birth.

      • Jenny

        What is so wrong about a guy telling her that she is dressed immodestly? Hey DFLIGHT do you attend the school? You talk of mormon culture like you live it. The fact is, the standard of the school says leggings do not count as pants, and skirts need to be at the knees. She signs an endorsement every year saying she will abide by that. That guy is telling her she isn’t abiding by that endorsement. If he really wanted to do something, he could have reported her. Although I think he should have kept his nose out of it, he isn’t the one that made this viral. She decided to post this and ridicule her school.

      • Jordon

        Well said DFLIGHT.

    • Jordon

      I agree with Nat. Not a hater…just an alumnae who experienced over-zealous (read definition of zealot) students who misinterpret the GOSPEL.

  • Carlita

    Technically, her outfit isn’t actually modest – her dress is a foot above her knees! Leggings do not make a miniskirt modest, contrary to popular belief.

    • Abner Hale

      Maybe you should see someone about that great big stick you have up your ass.

    • gfy

      WOW REALLY? Back to the potatoe dresses and fundamentalist hair for you then, right?

    • Tom

      technically, you are an idiot. She isn’t wearing a miniskirt.

    • Mike

      Leggings used to be okay 20 years ago. I guess things have changed.



      If you have sexually explicit thoughts because of they way she is dressed, that’s your fault, she is covered up and her cloths are not skin tight….your just jealous that you don’t look as pretty as she does!!!!

      • gfy

        I agree with DFLIGHT. she looks great!

    • Tina

      Thats like 4 inches above her knee!!!

    • Dan

      Thank you!!! I totally agree. And that girl should have known that and not let her pride get the best of her. She didn’t’ need to get all puffed up about, just admit that she was wrong. We have been told that leggings does not make a dress modest. And to other comments, BYU students are supposed to adhere to the standards. Just because there are others that don’t doesn’t make it okay for everyone else to. If you don’t want to go to a school that has an Honor Code like that, then simply don’t choose to go that school.

    • T.Brown

      Maybe you need a lesson in fasion, and what constitutes a mini skirt, as well as what 12″ aka a foot is. The only way that this outfit could be any less reveling was if she were muslim wearing a Jibab.

  • Chuck Schulz

    oh my gosh you people are such chumps. No one at BYU dresses like this girl. She’s dressing way more conservatively than BYU women do. Dollars to donuts the note was a joke. Give me an f—n break. As a BYU grad I can tell you that this is complete bunk.

  • SP

    Brittany Molina chose to go to a very conservative college, and as the note passer wrote, signed an honor code about how she would clothe herself. Nobody forced her to go there or sign that. We are not seeing all of the outfits she has been wearing on campus that prompted this note. She could have chosen to exercise some grace, humility, and self-control as her religion of choice advises, instead of taking offense and painting herself as a victim.

    It takes a lot for someone to take the time to write and pass a note like that in person. A lot more than it takes for someone to hop on twitter and get instant sympathy from their “followers” and the world at large who will easily scoff at the principles of a conservative institution. That move demonstrates her own ego issues, lack of of self-control and lack of respect and loyalty to the college she chose to attend.

    The note passer, and the implied others behind the writing of the note, were obviously trying to be as non-confrontational as possible without ignoring the issue. If she doesn’t like considering how she dresses will affect others at a college that values conservative dressing, then go to a secular school. It’s the same as if you don’t like having your privacy violated on Facebook, then don’t be on Facebook. There’s rules everywhere. Either choose to follow them, assume the consequences or leave.

    • Tina

      The point to me is if this even is bad dress code then someone needs to do serious reconstruction on the dress code at BYU. I live here and I see the women on BYU campus. This girl was dressed very modestly compaired to other women wearing stuff so tight your boobs litterally pretrude from your body in a way no man is having modest thoughts about. This girl shows nothing except hands and face and her dress and sweater are baggy. If this is not modest then tell all the boob job twins at BYU they can’t attend either!

      • Bizumii

        I have to agree with Tina. I went to BYU and graduated. There are so many girls at that campus that wear much worse stuff than she is wearing. I can’t tell you how much cleavage I saw while there. Both boobs and butt!

        I can also can see that other side of this argument. There are also too many self righteous pricks that go to BYU, regardless of the honor code. Yes, the honor code is strict, but take a chill pill. My Hell! Its bad enough having to live by all the rules that campus has. I only stayed there because of the program I was in was one of the best, but that place is for sure a place of hypocrisy in both directions: self righteous pricks, and those that push the limits.

  • P_Wich

    How is everyone missing the obvious satire here? The note was a joke, get a grip people. A couple of guys, condemned to study on Valentine’s Day, thought up a good prank to pass the time… I can’t believe how fast the media picked this up. You’d think that in the age of Stewart and Colbert people would recognize a bit of satire…

    • Heather

      Seriously, it’s sad that people can’t take a joke. A bad joke, but still a joke.

    • Ruth


    • Tom

      Actually… I made the mistake of being a mormon missionary many years ago… and there are MANY guys and gals out there who seriously think they are better than other people and love pointing it out. BYU has a large population of these idiots and I’m sure this guy is one of them.

      • Tom's best friend

        Years ago I made the mistake of going to a Catholic school and there are MANY guys and gals that also attended who seriously think they are better than other people and loved pointing it out.

        Notre Dame has a large populations of these idiots and I’m sure Tom is one of them There seems to be a common sense deficit in this forum and in the Baptist, no wait … Catholic, no … uh Methodists …. no wait , its those darn Mormons, Right???.

        Name me one place, state, city, school, church, or group of people that there are going to be a few idiots that make it seem like everyone is that way. Try to open your minds just a little bit so you’re at least able to see through a key hole with both eyes at the same time.

        Come on peeps …. How about we start bashin some public figure just because of there outlook on Jay Leno vs. David Letterman … Big Mac vs. Whooper … Obama vs.uhhhh R ick or Mitt … whoops … not Mitt … he’s one of those terrible Mormons … and there we are full circle … hakuna matata.

      • reasonable


        You get the grand prize for the very best post on this article. I’m not joking. You are the ONLY one who sees things how they really are. People are people and people make mistakes. Whether he was serious or joking, he made a mistake because now everybody is either defending or lambasting someone. This whole thing is SOOOOOOO much smaller than anyone here is making it. In fact, it shouldn’t even be news but here we all are paying attention.

    • Jordon

      I think it’s just as presumptive to assume it’s a joke, as it is to assume it was serious. Responders likely don’t know for sure; however, I don’t doubt that some poor kid who was “having naughty thoughts” about someone he was attracted to, tried to pass the blame onto her. I’ve seen it happen too many times. I’ve also seen and experienced unnecessary scrutiny while on that campus. (i.e. not being allowed to check out a book at the library because my face had a day’s growth of stubble), or being told by the person who wouldnt’ let me into the freshman dorm student cafeteria because I was wearing flip flops since my ankle and foot hair “was an extension of my pubic hair”. (No joke…that really happened–granted in 1990–but still happened nonetheless).
      Most students there are good, not-too-judgmental of people just trying to live their lives in the way they feel God wants them too, BUT there are many who are extreme and like to pass on their Pharisaical attitude about rules onto others. Just sayin.

  • Sara

    Leggings are not pants and they do not make a skirt modest. The Honor Code has been trying to get us to realize more a long time now…Just saying…for ecclesiastical endorsement you have to review the honor code and they state that in the quiz you take. He is right.

  • T.Brown

    The only way that this outfit could be any less reveling was if she were muslim wearing a Jibab.

    • Hameed

      Whoa, lighten up there. This was just a prank. No need to go overboard with the religious overtones. Now stop trolling before you hurt yourself.

  • Jenn

    Sounds like that boy was effected in his loins. For shame Brother…For SHAME!

  • Sara

    That boy needs to get himself under control. If he’s aroused by what she’s wearing, he must have a horrible time in the real world.

  • Bluebet

    Oh, she is SO gonna get in trouble with the school! BYU doesn’t like it when you draw negative attention. She’s gonna get a talking to, no doubt. Also, it’s getting WAY more conservative than when I attended! And it was pretty darn conservative then. While I don’t at all agree with the honor code, and I think that guy is a tool for handing her that note, she does appear not be in line with the totally lame dress code that she agreed to abide by when she signed up to go to the school…lesson here? Don’t go to a conservative school if you want to be yourself and enjoy life.

    • Tom

      Actually I would argue that she is not in violation of anything. You have to consider the combination of cloths she is wearing. An example…. no tank tops allowed…. but if you are wearing a tank top with a sweater over it…. or a shirt under it… then what is the problem? Her skin is covered, her cloths are not revealing, and that is the reason that the guy who gave her the note is a chump… and there seems to be a common sense deficit in this forum and in the mormon church.

  • Tianna

    Hey Dude, its not her fault you cant contain your erection and pay attention in class. Get over it! Go beat off in the bathroom and go on with your day.

  • Bill

    Everyday I want to transfer out of this school… This article only makes my wish stronger. F-ing legalistic and hypocritical.

    • Hercules

      So go then. Leave. No one is stopping you. There thousands of young students who would love to have your spot. So qui whining and just leave and make room for the people who really want to be there. Also, this was only a joke, a prank. It wasn’t serious.

      • Athena

        I also agree with Hercules. I hope neither of those colleges deceive you either Bill. And i hope you’re never disappointed again. Ever.

      • Acacia

        I’m with Hercules here…

      • Bill

        I am, actually. I’m applying to Cornell and the U. Wish me luck.

      • Bill

        I just wish that BYU hadn’t deceived me when I was making my college decision. I was such an idiot.

  • Deb

    I don’t think so! I went to BYU and her outfit wouldn’t be thought of twice. Its to bad this guy is anal but what I really think is happening is the Liberal Media trying to paint Mitt Romney wired for his faith. It is a strategy the Obama camp said they planned to use months ago. If it works I’ll be very disappointed to say the least.

    • Nicole

      That is an idiotic theory. There are actually Mormons who belong to the democratic party too. BYU is consistently on academic probation for refusing to teach information required for a well rounded education. This either satirical or not is just a ripple in the wake of that horrendous ‘university’ and it’s honor code.

  • Justin

    What an idiot! I feel bad for the girl

    • Mary

      Thank you! This is really the only comment that should have been made after this article….

  • LindaOz

    I was suspended from a private school for not having a high enough hemline, even though I wore tights underneath. My legs were so long that they did not make dresses that went below my knee. That was in ***1966*** !!!

    If you were brainwashed into believing that the human body is something to be ashamed of, God help you!

    • Bree

      I don’t think the human body is something to be ashamed of at all. That does not, however, mean I want to see all of yours. I think what she’s wearing is fine, however, claiming someone is “brainwashed” for expecting other people to dress appropriately is rather extreme, don’t you think?

  • Jack

    It’s called the garment of the holy priesthood, not “magic underwear,” and it’s piece of sacred clothing. No need to be immature.

    • Mike

      You’re obviously smart enough to read and write so there is no way you actually “believe” in magic skivvies

    • Ann

      Your comments are very narrow minded. I have travelled around the world and there are many religions whose people wear articles of clothing that are different or unusual. Why do you feel the need to mock one’s religious beliefs or clothing. I would suggest you broaden your horizons and learn about all cultures instead of just concentrating on bashing one.

    • Jenny

      Sweetie, the garments are something sacred to us and for us it’s not unnecessary. You say you have humor, but all I see is sarcasm and disdain. And don’t lie, because I know that you say it’s humor, but your language in your writing says otherwise.

  • Cammie

    Exactly! The boy was ashamed of HIMSELF for the “Funny feeling” it gave him in his pants. She looked fine. MODEST even. I’m tired of (some, not all) Mormons and their “Holier then thou attitude.” Anyone up for some protest? Lets burn some Books of Mormon. Shove YOUR beliefs in out faces? Hey, back at ya.

    • Ann

      One of the things that continually amazes me in this world is people’s perception of standards. If one has standards that they attempt to live by there are always those who love to accuse them of having a “holier than thou attitude”. In my opinion, morality is nothing to be ashamed of. The world needs a healthy dose of it. I am not Mormon, but I do believe that if one chooses to attend a university that has a dress code, the student should honor that code, not alter it with leggings. If one has a problem with the code, then they should seek their educational opportunites elsewhere.
      As for your other comments, all they do is show your ignorance. I mean really, should we as a society seriously listen to someone who rants and raves and threatens destruction to religious books. Next time, if you really want to be taken seriously, present your view in a manner that adds credibility to your opinion, not personal hatred.

      • Beth

        Thank you Ann! Thank you for showing some actual maturity. I agree with your comments.

      • reasonable

        Ann you’re awesome.

      • Tom

        u sure sound like a mormon… lol…. and a holier than thou attitude to boot!

  • Acacia

    Maybe her outfit is fine to you. But I think it’s important to note that the writer of the note was not mean or nasty about it. It is true that she was violating the Honor Code which doesn’t allow leggings if they “are not covered by clothes (dresses, shorts and skirts which cover the knees or lower.)” Since her dress did not cover her knees, she WAS violating the Honor Code. It’s true–you don’t have to agree with the Honor Code, but she did sign it and agree to live by it. She CHOSE it. The note most likely was not the best way to approach the issue. I attend BYU currently and I know it is common for outfits like this to appear on campus. I don’t think the fashion should be supported just because ‘everyone is doing it,’ which is the worst reasoning I’ve ever heard. Anyway, if leggings are considered “modest” because they technically don’t allow you to see her skin, does that make a skin-tight suit of spandex “modest”? Of course not.

    • Bill

      At the same time you can totally see some people complaining about her dress at BYU.

      • Acacia

        Of course. It is against the honor code, isn’t it? There is this thing when you sign your name to a system of honor… you should keep your word and live by it. It’s not just part of a process to get a degree; it’s a lifestyle. You go to BYU to live that way–don’t go if you don’t want to. No one is forcing you.

    • BILLY

      i would fit you and that perverted over-zealous boy in the same category my word! its people like you and that make it so irritating to go to school wwhere already some of the rules are petty and beyond stupid

      • Ann

        Then I guess Billy, the only option you have is to attend a school that doesn’t have rules that are “petty and stupid”. There are plenty of them out there….
        If one chooses to attend a school that has a dress code, then there is nothing wrong with other students defending the policy. That could be one of the reasons they chose to attend the university in the first place.
        Believe it or not, there are some people who actually go to college to learn. If it is easier for them to concentrate on their studies without the distractions of personal clothing choices, then that is their right.
        There are plenty of campuses where one can choose their attire, whatever that might be. According to my research, BYU isn’t one of them. Anyone that has a problem with that, including the young woman who took offense to the note, should not subject themselves to rules they are unable to believe in and follow. It is as simple as that.

  • CB

    Read P Wich. Right on. CBS desperate for news? Look how quick people are to find fault on a bogus issue or the young lady is looking for attention or to do damage to a great university???

  • Sally Hansen

    Maybe the note was not referring to her outfit that particular day. Maybe it is referring to how she dresses in general, which isn’t being shown.

  • Crystal

    This article is a hoax. Yes, there is a honor code at BYU but this woman’s outfit is perfectly fine. Grow up.

    • Sara

      Actually it is not in harmony with the honor code. Our skirts are to be to our knees, with or without leggings. There a many girls at the university that do not understand that. ALSO, they fail to understand that leggings are not pants and neither are jeggings. Her outfit is against the honor code. Anyone who gets their ecclesiastical endorsement renewed should know that and abide by it. We are supposed to encourage others around us to follow the honor code. Her reaction shows that she doesn’t understand the honor code that she said she would live by. So no, her outfit isn’t fine.

  • Vickie

    Just my opinion here but….There is nothing immodest about the outfit. I have seen similar outfits in church. If the note was a joke then you have a strange sense of humor attacking someone in the name of a joke. Finally is this really that newsworthy when we still have men and women fighting to perseve freedom and liberties to be able to make the choice of what to wear and express our opinions. Get real people

    • Acacia

      Right. I’d actually like to write to the person who took the time to write it and publish and ask “Why?” It’s a botched attempt to injure BYU, or a bad joke. Neither of which deserves this much attention.

    • Crystal

      at church i’ve seen a girl who was 13 that had her dress above fingertip length.
      so i think people need to realize how difficult it is to find modest clothing, & everything what she’s wearing is modest.
      her boobs are falling out.
      her skirt is BARELY above her knees.
      i totally agree with you vickie.

  • Angela

    I am a BYU student. The Honor Code states that skirts must reach your knee, no matter what you’re wearing underneath. My husband’s on-campus work made a video with a girl wearing jeans under a too-short skirt and BYU wouldn’t let it be shown. The jeans bit is silly, yes, but since leggings are not pants (Pres. Samuelson gave a devotional [campus speech] about this a few years ago) since they are too form-fitting, they’re worse. Yes, many girls wear pants that are too tight, but that doesn’t excuse leggings – that just means those girls need to buy their proper size next time. While her skirt does need to be longer (according to the Honor Code and the modesty standards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which owns BYU), that guy was totally out of line in the way he dealt with it. Sinful, even. So was her mother (if rumors that she called the news to tattle and complain are accurate) – how petty.

    • Dave

      Going to BYU sounds like dealing with a bunch of 14 year olds who have no idea what life is like in the real world.

      • LindaOz

        Maybe it’s peer pressure in this area.

  • LindaOz

    Those who wonder why media would cover this story need to ask themselves why they read it. ;o)

    • Vern

      I did because I kept waiting to see when the “news” portion would start. Or how it any way tied to Las Vegas.

  • LindaOz

    What are girls whose legs are too long to have any dress hit below the knee supposed to do? Have their legs shortened?

    • Bree

      Any dress? Are we serious right now? You do realize that dress makers make skirts of all lengths, right? Unless there’s a woman running around with six foot long legs, I’m sure, somewhere, there’s a dress that will cover them.

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