During Wednesday’s city council meeting Councilman Bob Coffin likened anybody, which includes Mayor Carolyn Goodman, who supports reopening F St. to Pontius Pilate, the man who authorized the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The street was closed in 2008 for upgrades to I15 near downtown. The council voted 5-1 in favor with Coffin casting the only dissenting vote. The design plans should be ready by July with construction set to begin in November. Coffin spent more than ten minutes railing on Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford for what he called “back room deals” that were done during the last legislative session that helped bring the F St. project to the surface. The biggest issue was whether or not residents of west Las Vegas were notified that F St. was going to be closed. Coffin scoffed at the 8.5 million dollar price tag calling it a horrible waste of money.

  1. Ginny McNeill Cebe says:

    If this report is accurate, I think Bob Coffin is either losing it or desperate for votes in his district. To liken supporters to Pontius Pilate is such a bizarre comparison that it borders on the psychologically impaired, not to mention Biblically illiterate. This has nothing to do with a crucifixion!! How bizarre! This is to correct missteps taken by the City of Las Vegas, the then Council and the Nevada Department of Transportation, but it doesn’t compare to a crucifixion. If anyone was being dealt a blow, symbolically speakiing, it was the West Side community, and they’ve survived far worse than this. Coffin’s hyperbole actually concerns me about his mental state. I haven’t heard any language this incendiary and wild on the local government level ever. I don’t think even Sarah Palin would say this or her blander version Michelle Bachman. Newt knows the Bible too well to use this comparison.

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