(Las Vegas, NV) – Was it Bugsy Siegel who brought organized crime to Las Vegas? Was it Frank Sinatra who kept it vibrant? Answers to those and many other questions can be found at  the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement-better known as the Mob Museum. The brand new museum at 300 Stewart St. promises to bring more life to donwtown according to Executive Director Jonathan Ullman.” It will cetainly help put donwtown in the forefront of people’s minds and its an educational experience as well as highly entertaining.” Dedications to mobsters, law enforcement and gambling are just some of the interactive elements of the museum. You can shoot a machine gun, test your ability with a pistol against a thug on the street or even listen to famous conversations that were part of government and mob wiretapping. Also, according to Ullman, the courtroom is the “crown jewel” of the exhibit because of the history of the Kefauver hearings. The U.S. Senate’s Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce, chaired by Tennessee Senator Estes Kefauver, did groundbreaking work in the investigation of the American mob. At a time when the FBI denied the existence of a nationwide criminal conspiracy, the Kefauver Committee uncovered the Syndicate’s tentacles in every region of the country. The hearings took place in 14 cities across the country, including Las Vegas inside what is now the Mob Museum.


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