(Las Vegas, NV)  — Another Vegas executive is appearing on “Undercover Boss.” Diamond Resorts chairman Stephen Cloobeck will kick off the new season of the reality series.  Cloobeck, whose firm owns timeshares, is the second Sin City executive to appear on the show. MGM Grand President Scott Siebella worked at his own hotel in a March episode. The new season of “Undercover Boss” starts January 15th on CBS.

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  1. Webmistress Leah says:

    Test only

    1. Tammy Sona says:

      Why are you not allowing posts?

  2. Webmistress Leah says:

    Please fill in the comment box and select submit comment. Thank you.

  3. Dave Lindenmuth says:

    They remove comments because the producers of the show DIDN’T do their research and already spent network money creating what will turn out to be yet another corruption of what was once a great concept. Now all of the episodes are infomercials for people selling a product or for people that also book themselves as “motivational speakers.” So we see the rich get richer!

  4. Nicole Colon says:

    Mr. Cloobeck claims we should contact him directly with problems or concerns. My husband contacted him last week in hopes he would rectify our horrid experience with his company at his Poipu property. Hmmm…he didn’t respond. Vacation? I’m sure he’s going to respond. I’m sure he will let us surrender our timeshare back to him. After all he has stacked the HOA with Diamond Resort employees and relatives- now that is not ethical?!?! He is such a caring man- he wouldn’t keep up my sleepless nights wondering how I’m gonna unload this property, or would he???? Merry Christmas…it would be a whole lot Merrier if Mr. Cloobeck would let me surrender my paid for timeshare.

    1. Dave Lindenmuth says:

      Don’t surrender! FIGHT BACK! http://www.poipuowners.org

  5. Tammy Sona says:

    Want to learn more about Diamond Resorts and the American Resort Development Association? Please view this video: http://youtu.be/UgxsuHR0qkM

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