LAS VEGAS, Nev. (CBS Las Vegas) – A Las Vegas gentleman’s club is proposing to move the party to the pool.

The Sapphire Gentleman’s Club, which has proposed that an adults-only pool be built adjacent to the topless bar, awaits approval as the Clark County Commissioner’s Office examines how separated the pool would be from the topless club.

KSNV-TV reports that SHAC MT, Sapphire’s operator, is pursuing a permit for the project, stressing that the separation of the pool from the club would be following the guidelines of a 2001 agreement that prohibits the club’s expansion.

According to documents submitted with the proposal, there is “no physical connection” between the club and the 15,590-square-foot pool, which would be “separated from the adult club by a solid wall” and “totally separate both physically and operationally.” Though it would be an adults-only pool, the inclusion of a “non-adult” area of the pool eliminates worries that the pool would allow a topless area, which is of concern.

But the approval of an adults-only pool is no sure thing given the past legal troubles of nightclubs associated with pools of their own, including two stings in the summer of 2009 at pool facilities associated with nightclubs. Those arrested faced drug and prostitution charges. These issues are bound to be discussed at Wednesday’s board meeting, also outlining zoning and concerns among other items. If the proposal is green-lighted, then SHAC MT will more than likely move forward on a building permit to get the project underway.

Clark County Spokesman Dan Kulin told CBS Las Vegas that if the proposal is passed tomorrow, it could prove to be a final decision to letting an adults-only pool run adjacent to the topless bar but it’s yet to be seen.

“The board could decide they need more information and decide to take a final vote on it,” Kulin said. “I just wouldn’t want to guarantee it would be done tomorrow.”

Whether the proposal is passed, officials such as Clark County Commission Vice Chairman Steve Sisolak imagines that the adults-only pool idea for topless clubs may continue to mushroom to other clubs looking to increase business and attract new customers.

“I’m told a lot of these dancers go to the casino pools to get a tan and hang out during the day, so instead of doing that they want them to hang out at the Sapphire pool,” Sisolak told KSNV-TV. “I guess this is going to be the new thing at strip clubs, putting in swimming pools.”

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  1. Shecky Vegas says:

    Brilliant idea! Now, how much for the cabana to hide my stripper BJ?

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