(Carson City, NV)  — There’s a glitch in Nevada’s new law banning hand-held cell phone use while behind the wheel.  Drivers are pulling off busy roads to talk or text.  Nevada Highway Patrol spokesman Chuck Allen tells the “Las Vegas Review-Journal” the shoulders along highways and freeways are for emergency use only.  He hopes drivers will use parking lots or residential side streets instead.  Troopers are giving out warnings through the end of the year, but will start issuing tickets to chatty drivers in January.

  1. Dennis says:

    Regarding cell phones. The issue has little to do with the hands or the ear. The problem with using a cell phone while driving is that the brain (especially the smaller ones) can not do two things at once. Driving, if done well, takes all of our attention. The idea of multi-tasking is a fanticy. I agree though that any distraction from the task at hand is dangerous. There are laws on the books that can be used to charge a driver if it can be shown that he was not paying full attention. I have to say that the only cars I see on the road driving 15 to 20 mph slower than the normal flow are cell users.

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