(Carson City, NV)  —  The head of the Southern Nevada Water Authority says without groundwater from rural counties, Las Vegas could face future water shortages.  Pat Mulroy’s testimony before the state engineer yesterday kicked off several weeks of testimony about the agency’s plan to build a pipeline from rural Nevada to the Vegas Valley.  A number of groups opposing the multi-billion-dollar plan will testify during the next several weeks.  A final decision could come early next year.

Comments (3)
  1. Big Dave says:

    I was walking around my friend’s ranch this weekend, up in the northern part of Nevada when suddenly, I stepped in a pile of Mulroy that one of the mules had left there. Boy does it stink! It was easy to get rid of though – just a little water and it was gone.

    1. Big Dave says:

      BTW – it smelled just like Harry Reid.

  2. NotAFan says:

    Notice the arrogant stance, and the self-indulgent look on her face. Who puts her into office anyway? And, how do we get her out of there?

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