LAS VEGAS (CBS) –  Five employees were traken to the hospital following a fire at a Jack in the Box restaurant on Decatur Blvd. near Washington Ave.

Two of the workers were treated for smoke inhalation while the other three were transported as a precaution.

Las Vegas Fire and Rescue crews responded to the two-alarm blaze which started on the restaurant’s roof and spread to the inside of the restaurant causing an estimated $1 million in damage.

Investigators say crews were working on the roof with a torch to heat up tar when the fire accidentally started.

A crew of 75 firefighters fought the blaze. Decatur between Bonanza and Washington was closed for a few hours due to the fire.

  1. concerned citizen says:

    75 firefighters fought this blaze… Looks like the blaze won. i think a crew of ten firefighters from a private firm could have had the same result at a much lower cost to the tax payers. Why are firefighters so desperate to prove their existence in these modern times and why on earth did it take 75 of them to watch this building burn down, when that is probably more than the maximum occupancy of this building according to fire code?

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