LAS VEGAS (AP) — A husband and wife who performed an illegal buttocks enhancement surgery that resulted in a Las Vegas woman’s death are expected to plead guilty to manslaughter, despite an autopsy report that shows the death was accidental.

Their defense lawyer said Friday that it is unlikely that Ruben Matallana-Galvas and Carmen Torres-Sanchez would be able to successfully fight charges against them because the death occurred during an illegal operation in which proper safety procedures were not followed.

The Clark County coroner says 42-year-old Elena Caro died from an allergic reaction to the tumescent anesthesia commonly used in cosmetic surgery procedures.

Scott Coffee says the couple will plead guilty to reduced charges when they return to court Thursday. The attorney says they could each serve up to nine years under the plea deal.

Charges against the couple include second-degree murder and practicing medicine without a license. Prosecutors have been working to persuade them to plead guilty to manslaughter and practicing without a medical license.

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