Comic-Con 2011: Back To The Con!

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(CBS Las Vegas, NV)  If you can’t make it to this years Comic-Con have no fear our geeky team in San Diego and has it covered for your viewing pleasure.

Last year our correspondent Tim Mudd  went to San Diego and brought forth killer Comic-Con coverage.  They’re back again, bigger, badder and with even more super powers.  Come back all week for our epic coverage .  Don’t make Captain America angry. 

When I heard on September 3rd last year that tickets for 2011’s Comic-Con International would be going on sale November 1st, one word crossed my mind, “Already?”

[pullquote quote=”Having accepted my destiny, I was ready for a second tour of duty to test my wits and hand-to-hand combat.”]My personal wounds from five days of guerilla-style journalistic warfare late last July, CBS Radio had barely begun to turn from scabs to scars; and already the prospect of another tour of duty clashed with the flickering images engrained into my mind’s eye’s newly-written graphic novel of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Surviving four full-days of the event is a badge of honor I’ve held proudly over the last year; I’ve taken every opportunity to regale anyone who will listen about my after-hours cocktail with Dexter’s Michael C. Hall, becoming Elvira: Mistress of the Dark’s confidant with regard to her musical project with a certain White Stripe and just how far I figured I’d walked during this grueling triathlon of entertainment.

That said, when I got the call from my Lead Editor in L.A. tasking me to return this year, not as a rookie, but as a grizzled vet, that still didn’t curtail over an hour of whining, crying, kicking and screaming in protest. Once I’d got that out of my system and having accepted my destiny, I was ready for a second tour of duty to test my wits and hand-to-hand combat in a sequel I like to call… Tim vs. Comic-Con 2: Back to the Con!

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