Las Vegas – Metro police were involved in a shooting this morning in the area of N. Buffalo and Westcliff Drives on Musical Lane. Police say they were called to the scene shortly before seven o’clock. Investigators says 23 year old Rafael Olivas was involved in an argument with his mother, that escalated. arriving on the scene officers say they encountered Olivas weilding a knife they ordered him to drop the knife. They says when he refused officers fired non lethal rounds but to no avail. Officers then opened fire wounding Olivas who was rushed to UMC where he was later prounced dead. THe Metro investigation continues.

  1. Michael D says:

    Non lethal to no avail my a%%. they have pepper spray, rubber bullets, bean bag shotguns, and tasers. No way they tried all that and the kid kept on coming. Most people TRAINED with weapons can aim at NON lethal areas of the body but as usual LAS VEGAS police think they can do what they want because of the badge and gun and dont care about Saving lives as compared to murdering whoever they want. Unfortunaltlely the coroners inquest ALWAYS finds them in the right after murdering someone with or WITHOUT a weapon. We need police who WANT to be police to protect and serve NOT the ones we have that break the law as they get paid to uphold it. Worst police force in america is in las vegas. No integrity, feel no responsibility for their actions and think they can do what they want because NO ONE in a position to do anything will. I have never felt as unsafe from out own police as i do these days.

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