I’m an early-adopter, so I tend to dive into new gadgets, technology, and web trends almost immediately. New doesn’t always mean great, so I’ve spent time I’ll never get back on things that I’ve followed right into the toilet. When it was announced that Google was taking on Facebook, I knew I’d give their social network a look, but I didn’t think Facebook was going to have anything to worry about.

I won’t give you my complete review yet, because to be honest, I’m one of the first ones to the party as far as my friends, family and co-workers go. But what surprised me right away was that, while by shear population alone, one could make a case to make Facebook the 51st state in the union, Google+ has the potential to give you everything Facebook does without consuming your life. I personally know people who can no longer post what they’ve been up to because most of their free time is spent looking up what other people are up to. It’s impossible to keep up with everyone you consider to be a part of your life all at once. That’s where Google+’s sweet spot is…keeping your personal population explosion of friends in tidy Circles and filtering how much you hear from everybody.

One of the biggest advantages I see is that, where Facebook is excellent at keeping you in social contact with people you know now and people from your past who have fallen off your radar, Google+ has more potential to hook you up with new friends who line up perfectly with your interests and passions as well.

So far much has been said about “Circles” in Google+, but I really like the possibilities that the features “Sparks” and “+1” have in telling the world who you are, and finding others, even employers who can totally relate to you.

If you are one of the special 15 million (and quickly growing) who, like me, are up and running on Google+, do me a favor and look at the right column of our site. Where you see “Follow Us” you’ll see FB and Twitter, and now the infamous Google+ “+1” icon. Go ahead and click that +1. When you do, it’ll change to blue and say to other Google+ members (and anybody else who searches for MIX105.1 on Google) that you have good taste when it comes to radio stations. You can then start to be included in future exclusive web content for the MIX105.1 +1 crowd. While you’re clicking, try clicking the +1 just to the right this column too.

I think Google+ is already better than Facebook in many ways which is forcing FB to up its game. This is gonna be fun to watch.


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