A fire destroyed a downtown mobile and damaged two others Saturday, but the quick response of a property manager may have saved a person’s life.

Las Vegas and Clark County firefighters responded to the fire on Mojave Road near Fremont Street and Charleston Boulevard around 11:45 a.m.

Property manager James Gilmore says he was driving by, when he saw smoke coming from an elderly woman’s home.

With his adrenaline racing, Gilmore had little time to think – just act.

“I jumped out of the truck, went up on the porch. At this time, the whole trailer was on fire. I kicked the door in. All the smoke and fire came out at me. I had to jump off the rail to get away from it,” he said. “I realized I couldn’t go in there, so I went next door to the next neighbor here. His place was on fire. He was in the back sleeping. I kicked his door in, got him out. He’s okay.”

Minutes later, fire crews arrived.

“We had a fully involved trailer upon our arrival that was impeding on the trailer to the west. Our guys made a pretty good stop on the west. The first one was pretty much gone when we got here,” said Clark County Fire Battalion Chief Roy Session. “We can only get so many units in here, which supplies our water to pump these fires. So, it’s really tough, and we had to kind of have guys park in the street, walk their way down. Even supplying and hydrating our guys is tough in a situation like this, just because it’s so limited access in here.”

The fire destroyed the older woman’s mobile home and damaged two others. No one suffered any injuries. The woman was not home at the time.

Now, the investigation begins into how the fire started. “We had initial reports that there may have been fireworks involved. We can’t confirm that,” Session said.

While firefighters try to find a cause, Gilmore is glad no lives were lost. “I mean everything else is replaceable,” he said.

Firefighters say the valley is suffering from hot and dry conditions and urge everyone to take precautions.



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