A global businessman and his company own an “Octavius Tower” trademark and have ordered Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip to stop using the mark.

Caesars, owned by Caesars Entertainment Corp., disputes the claims of ownership by Marcel July, and his company Octavius Tower LLC.

So much so, that Caesars sued July and his company last month in federal court in Las Vegas, alleging trademark fraud.

The lawsuit charges that two days after Caesars announced plans in July 2007 to build Octavius Tower, July registered website domain names using the Octavius Tower name and the Caesars name including octaviustower.com and caesarstower.com. 

KXNT’s Robert Rytina digs deeper, in his three-part, exclusive interview with Marcel July:

In part two, hear Mr. July explain how this story goes beyond the Las Vegas Strip, to Wall Street, and beyond:

Finally, in part three, get the very latest on where the legal battle stands now:

As always, you can leave your comments below on this most interesting controversy:

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  1. John Martin says:

    I thought organized crime had been rooted out of Las Vegas. It seems that Caesars and their Wall Street cronies are keeking the tradition alive. The JP Morgan guys, The ex-Drexel guys and Mr. Loveman all conspirering to defraud their investors using some poor guys name to obtain money for a project name they have no rights to. I have seen the Octavius Tower band in concert in Vegas so I know they have been around longer than the new Caesars tower. Keep fighting Mr. July. I think you have these crooks by the balls.

  2. Robert Smith says:

    I am writing to express my severe dissatisfaction with Caesars Inc’s attempts to squash the American Dream by trying to forcefully take that which is not theirs. The domain name and trademarks appear to be registered in good faith.
    This is just another example of a transnational corporation extending their invisible arm and taking everything it can reach. Please stop the madness!
    Robert Smith

  3. Nancy says:

    As I understand what Mr. July is saying in this interview, Caesars, JP Morgan, Apollo and TPG have all conspired to secure a $450 Million Dollar loan, with JP Morgan as the lead bank, to do, among other things, the completion of Caesars’ new hotel tower. Mr. July states that he informed JP Morgan, both before and after the closing of the loan, that Caesars was using a TradeMarked name that they had no legal rights to use, and that JP Morgan did absolutely nothing with this information! Caesars went forward with this loan AFTER receiving Mr. July’s Cease & Desist letter notifying them of their infringement. Then Caesars has the GAUL to file a K-8 with the SEC continuing this blatant injustice. WOW!! No wonder they are trying to destroy Mr. July and his TradeMarks!

  4. Tony T. says:

    This story needs urgent exposure to the world community. Caesars Inc. is attempting to disable your existence as a human being, family and business because of their economic strengths. I was looking for a great show to hire when I found you because I was trying to obtain information about their (Caesars) entertainment services. Because of their hostile actions towards a weaker entity, I am no longer interested in their service of any kind. I can do without them and will concentrate my efforts towards the the Octavius Tower service as my main entertainment act for our daughters wedding day as she wish.
    So, we will not stay at the Caesars Palace and our venue will not be at this place.
    The Caesars Inc. legal counsel that contacted you will fail, capitulate and self-terminate/self-destroy his own existence in court.
    Please read our e-mail to you.
    Thank you,
    the Thomson’s

  5. Tom Wilson says:

    This appears to be another case of corporate greed, muscling in on legitimate smaller businesses. There is a lot confusion, over the nature of the site. It is a shame smaller businesses often have to defend themselves with legitimate causes due to large corporations greed. I am reminded of etoys.com vs. etoy.com with this situation. Etoys.com received such a public lashing, and tarnished its image so thoroughly, I doubt it ever fully recovered. This case appears to be on the same tract. I found this page due to an article on Wired.com. The word is out, and Caesars Inc. should be very careful should they continue this lawsuit.

  6. Leo says:

    Mr. July is in good company if he is calliing other people crooked. He has done bussiness as F1 motorcylce and Can Am Spdyer windshields, fairings & rear side cases. He had some good ideas but could not provide the products he promised and sold several $300 to $4.000 packages for these items then just skipped out one evey one…..

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