(Carson City, NV)  — Nevada bars can now serve food and allow smoking for customers.  Governor Brian Sandoval has signed Assembly Bill 571 into law, the first change to the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act since voters approved it five years ago.  The measure bans people under 21 from taverns where food and smoking are allowed. 

Bar owners claimed the state law led to hardship for the industry.  Health groups were not successful in blocking the bill during this year’s Legislature.

Comments (3)
  1. Fran says:

    This is such a sad shame!!! Guess I will have to stay away from bars when watching a football game for the sake of my lungs…money has again won out over health. 😦

    1. dava says:

      I’m sure there are still non-smoking bars for you to go to you big whiner. If you hate smoking so much why would you go to a bar that allows it? I guess you need government making decisions for you.

    2. Zed says:

      Yea its such a shame that these bars might make a few bucks again. Its such a shame that smokers now have the freedom to choose an establishment suited to them.
      Its such a shame that non-smokers didn’t get their way for the millionth time in suppressing the rights of others.

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