HENDERSON (CBS) — Henderson police are investigating a woman’s death near Boulder Highway and Lake Mead Parkway. According to police, a female hitchhiker allegedly jumped out of a moving truck and later died.

This incident started in the early morning hours when a man driving a pick-up truck picked up a female hitchhiker near US-95 and Flamingo. Police spokesman Keith Paul says while the man was driving, the woman jumped out of the passenger side window of the truck and died after hitting the street.

The driver of the pickup told police the woman jumped on her own. Police did not find any evidence of a struggle or any other foul play. The driver stopped to try and help the woman and has not been charged with any crime.

Police won’t know anything more about how this woman died until the coroner examines the body in the coming days.

Police say there were no witnesses, but motorists stopped to help after the incident. Neighbors along Lake Mead Parkway also did not see anything.

Police refused further comment on the record.

Traffic in the area was closed on Lake Mead Parkway for several hours while officers investigated.

  1. Takashi says:

    oh I think I posted an usfininhed post. I was posting a podcast on feelings and intuition.And this came into my inbox great minds think alike. I love this post.

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