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My last great road trip brought me to Las Vegas.

On a hot August day last summer I left Lexington, Kentucky driving through the rolling hills and past magnificent horse farms en-route to Las Vegas. The first day on the road ended without incident in Springfield, Missouri. The next morning I’m up early and on the road, in Oklahoma a stop to refuel and top off the coffee cup. Then minutes after the stop, it felt like warm air instead of a cool breeze was coming from the air conditioning vents. “No, that can’t be. It must just be my imagination” , but I was deceiving myself. It’s a hot Oklahoma day and my air conditioning isn’t working.

I pulled off at the next town and found a car dealer handing my brand. The kindly clerk handling the repair triage said, he couldn’t even look at it until Monday. It was Friday and I needed to be at work at KXNT on Monday. “Is there anything I can do”?

He looked me in the eye, sighed and said “Yes sir, you’ll have to do the 2-80”.

“What’s the two eighty”/

“Son, just drive it with two windows down and keep it at eighty- miles per-hour.”

I hit the road wondering how I was going to get across the desert, even using the two-eighty approach. A couple of hours last I stopped for gas. When I got back on the road I turned the air back on. The air was cool and kept working the rest of that day and all day the next. It kept me cool when I left the heights of Flagstaff and drove down into the desert, it worked when I made the turn at Kingman and headed for the dam. It worked as I crept across the dam and pressed on to the valley.

The air didn’t stop again until my second week on-the-air at KXNT, but I had arrived and found a place to get it fixed.

I don’t know why the air stopped when it did or why it came back, but it made for an amazing road trip.

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  1. Elizabeth Gillespie says:

    Bristowe, Oklahoma is no place to lose your AC on an August day….even IF it is frog leg Friday 🙂

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