LAS VEGAS – Conventional political wisdom maintains that in any election, at every level, the candidate leading in the polls should limit their debate appearances.  This is generally because he or she has more to lose, and less to gain.

This tactic is reportedly being used in the race for Las Vegas Mayor.   Community groups are calling out one mayoral candidate for what they say is an unwillingness to step up and debate.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, representatives from the National Organization for Women, Si Se Puede Latino Democratic Caucus, Veterans in Politics and other groups say Carolyn Goodman is turning down their offers for debates between her and her opponent, Chris Giunchigliani.

Goodman’s campaign manager, Bradley Mayer, reportedly told the paper Goodman would rather focus her attention on one-on-one meetings with voters.

Debates “don’t give voters a chance to really see who I am,” Goodman wrote via Twitter. “I want to get out with the people.”

Since Goodman entered the mayor’s race in February, many have accused her of shying away from debates that force her to state policy positions and present specific ideas for tackling the problems facing our city.

Among the planned debates Goodman has declined, or not responded to, include one proposed for this radio station.

The Sun writes, “[we have] asked Goodman and Giunchigliani to participate in a videotaped round-table conversation, moderated by a reporter.

Giunchigliani reportedly accepted the invitation three weeks ago; Goodman so far has not responded.

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  1. renee primerano says:

    Goodman isnt debating because she really isnt qualified for the job. “I want to get out with people” what a joke. Great !!! Shes a professional social butterfly with nothing of substance. I really hope the people don’t fall for Carolyn Goodman and her phoney baloney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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