By: JOHN GURZINSKI/ Getty Images

Things are finally looking up for the nation’s casinos: Revenue at the more than 480 gambling halls increased for the first time in three years, up nearly 1 percent to $34.6 billion.

The downside, according to a new American Gaming Association report, is that casinos lost more than 4,300 jobs.

More than $7.5 billion in tax revenues flowed to state and local governments from casinos, a 3 percent increase.

The 340,000-plus people who worked in casinos last year earned $13.3 billion in wages, benefits and tips last year.

The stats do not track about 450 Indian casinos.

Nevada’s casinos took in $10.4 billion, virtually the same amount as the year before. Atlantic City, N.J., posted the biggest annual decline at 9.4 percent.

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  1. HooDatIS? says:

    i got to get to vegas and have some fun!
    i just visited the lumiere place in saint louis and it was amazing
    god bless vegas

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