(Las Vegas, NV)  —  Donald Trump continued to test the waters for a possible presidential run last night.  In a speech peppered with profanities at Treasure Island, the real estate mogul and reality TV star called American leadership “weak, pathetic and incompetent,” and accused President Obama and Congress of making bad deals with China. 

Trump also called for taking Libya and Iraq’s oil in exchange for U.S. protection, and called for more goods to be made in America. 

Trump is expected to decide whether to seek the Republican presidential nomination by June.

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  1. IreneK says:

    Up until this point, I was more or less on the fence regarding the Donald. I saw excerpts, and it was very classless and unpresidential. While I like his in-your-face attitude and undeniable business and negotiation expertise, but his social and discernment skills need work.

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