CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — The Nevada Assembly has approved a measure to protect transgender people from employment discrimination .Lawmakers voted 29-13 today on Las Vegas Democratic Assemblyman Paul Aizley’s bill, AB211,  to add gender identity or expression to a list of characteristics employers may not discriminate against.

Several transgendered individuals testified that they have a more difficult time gaining employment because of their appearance.  Assemblyman Aizley testified that there are nearly 25,000 transgendered people in the Silver State.

The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.


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  1. Jane Heenan says:

    I wish to offer a special thank you to Asm. Aizley, Chairman Atkinson, Speaker Oceguera, and the three supportive Assembly Republicans who were able to see our common and shared humanity beyond the fearful slurs. We all deserve justice and dignity, and our government exists as a bulwark against the kind of discriminatory tyranny many transgender Nevadans face in their social lives. We all gain — economically, spiritually, and otherwise — when we are all participating in the work of building community. AB211 is a step in the direction of liberty and justice for all.

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