LAS VEGAS – A four-month long investigation has netted $1.2 million in marijuana and resulted in seven being people charged with distribution of the drug.

Police say Metro’s narcotics team served five search warrants on businesses Thursday that were selling marijuana. Four of them were in the same building on Durango Dr.

During the raids, officers seized more than 28 pounds of marijuana and nearly $100,000 in cash.

Jacob Lill, Edmund Schroback, Anna Martinez, Michael Savino, Kyle Lair, Richard Wheaton and Lisa Roth were arrested. They face a total of 78 felony charges for possessing and selling marijuana.

Police say they raided Completely Legal 1.0, Completely Legal 2.0, Preferred Medical Marijuana, Perfect Grow and a private home.

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  1. R.Grubb says:

    Big freakin deal, legalize pot flowers, catch and imprison more of the murderers and rapists would ya!

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