LAS VEGAS (AP) — A 27-year-old man who called 911 and said he’d killed his live-in girlfriend is jailed in Las Vegas on a murder with a deadly weapon charge.

Joseph Barrera was arrested a little before 7 p.m. Sunday after police arrived and found 35-year-old Misty Pusieski dead with stab wounds to the neck in an apartment several blocks east of the Las Vegas Strip.

Barrera is being held without bail at the Clark County jail pending a Tuesday court appearance.

Police initially reported an incorrect age for Barrera.


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Comments (9)
  1. SPOOKY SINNER says:

    Only in Vegas would somebody smile after murdering his girlfriend, I’ve said it before and will say it again Nothing’s Shocking in Vegas!!!

  2. Laura Bond says:

    I hope this is not his Mug Shot! Please say it isn’t so! How could someone do such a horrible thing and smile about it! Satan, Pure Satan is what it is! My heart is aching for my childhood friend who lost her precious life to such an evil man.

  3. jennifer ppe says:

    i hope he gets put to death for what he did to my friend. he took a sweet innocence life from someone that was loved and cared bout. he took her from her children and family. she want be able to see her children grow up or get married. how could he do this to her. he is nonthing but pure evil and full of the devil.

  4. Chris says:

    She was my cousin, and she was sweet and kind to everyone. I can’t think of anything positive to say, and nothing will bring her back. He will get what’s coming to him sooner or later. God will have the last word.

  5. Laura McMillan Bond says:

    I wish a reporter would get with Misty’s family and post a picture of Misty. I would rather see her smiling face. Than this demonic evil possesed MURDERER!!!
    Misty was a loving person. She would never hurt anyone. Her problem was she loved & trusted the wrong man. Ladies we have all been there. Some of us had a chance to get away. Misty didn’t get that chance. We will probably never know why.

    Men that hurt & kill women are cowards.

    All I know right now is my heart is aching for the loss of my friend. We may have lived miles apart. We may not have spoken to each other in years. However, the bond of a childhood friendship never ends! I know there were days that we thought of each other & the times we shared as children. Wondered how the other was doing in life. I’ve thought of Misty & her family often through the years. Even if she wasn’t aware, I spoke with her mom often to find out how she was doing. Hurricane Katrina put miles between us! I always thought we would have a reunion someday. Now I will say Goodbye to my sweet dear friend! Because this horrible person has taken her away! That reunion will be her funeral!
    I will see you again someday Misty until then I know you will be watching over all your loved ones & friends!

  6. Crystal says:

    This young drug addict is my cousin!!! HE did drugs with this woman all the damn time and his whole family told him to STOP! NOW look – we lost a life and will lose another and all due to drug addiction! Joseph is bipolar and psychologically not stable!! HE was using bad drugs to cope with his mental disability (schizophrenia) with this female and she contributed to this she was well aware of this because I told HER!!! This woman dated my cousin and both of them were not stable. I have spoken with her and she drank a lot with my cousin and MORE and she is NOT a saint – BUT this does not make it right for what we have DONE to her!!!! There is a reason and a side to EVERY story and I will find out what happened before my cousin dies!!!!! My love goes out to everyone that is involved and for the record I am not protecting him I love my cousin! These are FACTS and should be looked at as such! His fake smile is not real he is mad at what he has done! ANYONE that knows him will know this!

    1. jennifer ppe says:

      hi my name is jennifer pope i was misty best friend before she moved to nevada. look im really upset what your cousin did to her. its not my place to judge him thats god place. all i want to know is why he killed her that way instead of walking away. look i was married to a man just like your cousin. he has the same mental issue and was a drug head. i left him. why didnt he just stay away from her. i know nobody is perfect. he took her away from her children and her family and friends that really loved her. he should be punished for the way he killed her theres no excuse for what he did at all.

  7. Laura McMillan Bond says:

    Crytsal, I know that you are hurting. We are all hurting. Everyone is hurting at this time. This is tragic for everyone involved. I haven’t been around Misty in years. Drugs do horrible things to people. If they both were doing drugs; they were not the people we’ve always known & loved. Drugs do cause mental illnesses. They also intensify the symptoms of mental illnesses.
    Everyone needs to relize & understand that Misty & Joseph both have loved ones who are hurting. I’ve never meet Joseph. I know you & the rest of your family are shocked & in pain. Truely, I wonder what is worse, losing your loved one to death; or knowing your loved one could do such a horrible thing. Please don’t take that the wrong way. It was not meant to be a crue statement. Merely, a thought of situations.
    There are bonds in life that can not be broken. No matter how many miles or years were between Misty & I. We shared a special time in our life. It was our childhood. You shared the same I’m sure with Joseph. That’s is how I choose to remember Misty. Hold on to a wonderful memory of Joseph and cherish it. Remember him that way. It wont make the pain of what has happened go away. However, it might help you to deal with the pain daily.

  8. Tammy Barrera says:

    To all of us a little rain must fall. What Joseph did is unforgiveable even in our lord’s eyes. See my nephew did not become Bipolar or Schizophrenia because of the drugs and alcohol him and Misty did together. Truth is Joseph did try to get away from her at least a dozen times, but she would always show back up? I have to ask if she was such a saint why would a 35 year old, married women, with children be sleeping and doing drugs and drinking with my 26 year old nephew anyway. I had to ask I am his aunt. No Joseph family has a long history of mental illness in it dating back to his great-great grandmother June who was Schizophrenia and in and out of hospitals most of her life. Next Joseph’s Grandfather Jim is both Bipolar and Schizophrenia along with his children who range with both or one or the other of the two painful mental illnesses, and this includes Joseph’s Mother who is Bipolar herself. But let’s not stop there, I have personally seen Joseph being beaten by his Mother at the young age of two yes I said two! She throw him against the wall and watched him slide down with a bloody nose, and all she said to me I am her sister was “well he is a boy he has to learn how to be tough!” Right at that moment I started a fight with my sister yelling at her telling her that’s not the way to treat a baby! After that my sister moved her family away I did not see Joseph again until he was 8 years old. He never had his own room the couch was his room, now his step dad made enough money but my sister just would not move into a place where Joseph could have his own room? Now when Joseph’s little sister was still young she went to my Mother and told her that my sister had been touching both her and Joseph. My Mother said nothing to anyone. But when Joseph and I began to write back and forth while he was in jail he told me his secret he had been keeping for years. Yes my sister had been molesting and beating him for years. And not just your regular beatings neither. My sister even tried coming on to him as a man, Joey just shut the door in her face and moved out. This young man has never had a chance from the beginning… And now all the bad that has been pushed on him he has through mental illness and drug and alcohol abuse has lead him down a very dark and lonely path not just through the evil he has done but through the evil that has been done to him.

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