(Las Vegas, NV)  —  Clark County school board members voted yesterday to slash more than 300-million dollars from the upcoming budget.  The one-point-eight-billion-dollar budget that begins this July cuts spending for textbooks and supplies, and eliminates more than 18-hundred jobs. 

Employees will have to pay more for health insurance.  Class sizes will be increased by three students.  The proposed budget is still nearly 70-million dollars in the red, but officials hope to find additional funding from the Legislature.

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  1. Ed hackie says:

    I listened with interest to a Whinning student named Mireles today. Listen nothing in the world is free. Nothing is stopping your parents from paying some more money for your Theater program that is being affected by the budget. Why should the rest of us subsidize your entitlement. Here’s another piece of advice: Get a part time job and contribute to the Theater program as well as encourage your fellow students and families to do the same. Too long has the tax payer subsidized your pleasures it is time to roll back entitlements.

    1. Violet "involved student" says:

      Are you a Democrat?
      That’s a rhetorical question.

  2. Violet "involved student" says:

    Why dont they tax things that kill people. like tobacco and Alchohol. My favorite, completely qualified teacher was fired because of his lack of seniority. Yet they kept the teacher that screams obsenitys at the principal. Why dont they let the students have a say in it. We are the ones who have to attend. So I am supposed to get a job and pay my teachers salary. Let’s just add more stress to students. Not only do you have to worry about grades, peer pressure. Now we have to pay to keep things at your school the same. I am all for fundraisers. How about we stop paying 2 billion towards a field mouse in California and we put that towards education. Students are the future of this country.

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