LAS VEGAS –  Initial reports were that reduction in force notices have gone out to teachers in the Clark County School District.

At this point, the school district has clarified that statement, saying that “suplus” notices have gone out to a number of employees, but a spokesperson tells KXNT they cannot confirm how many notices went out.  Surplus notices traditionally go out around this time as the school distict works to determine student populations for the next school year. 

A school district Board of Trustees meeting was held on March 24th, 2011, where the “Reduction in Force” process was authorized, in accordance with Nevada Revised Statute 288.150, which authorizes a reduction in force when there is a lack of money or lack of work. 

It would appear, at this time, that the notices circulating today are “Surplus” in nature, and not the “Reduction in Force.”

Stay with KXNT for the very latest in this developing story.


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