(Carson City, NV)  —  An Assembly panel has approved a bill to ban drivers from texting or chatting on cell phones.  The measure would make it a fine to use a mobile phone while behind a wheel, except for hands-free devices.  The first offense would result in a 50-dollar penalty, with a 250-dollar fine for the third offense. 

A similar measure was approved by a Senate committee earlier this month.  Lawmakers will have to work out differences before sending a final bill to Governor Brian Sandoval for his signature.

  1. Anthony Gregrow says:

    Who the hell do these people think they are? Is this how they think they can raise revenue? What a joke. Don’t change the radio, don’t look at the speedometer, don’t look at the window button, don’t adjust the seat, don’t look down to see if the tach. I stop using my phone in the car when this assembly starts using your brains.

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