(Carson City, NV)  —  A battle is brewing in the Legislature over taxes.  Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford says Governor Brian Sandoval’s proposed two-year budget would leave the state with a shortfall of $2.5 billion dollars, and a deficit of more than 1 billion-dollars in 2013. 

Horsford is calling for an “adult conversation” on increasing taxes, but Republican lawmakers say they won’t vote for new taxes or extend temporary taxes set to expire in June.  The governor’s office contends there will be no deficit two years from now.

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  1. Tony says:

    I have not had in increase in my wages in 4 years now. Gas, food, insurance, utilities have all gone up, i needed to make some tough choices to cut my spending and did just that.
    I have a message for Horseford “cut the spending” “cut the duplication” “cut the feel good programs” and make teachers responsable for performance and get ride of the ones that are not performing.
    Better yet give every one a voucher for education and let them vote with their check as to the type of education that they want for the children of the state.

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