(Las Vegas, NV)  —  Caesars Palace dealers don’t want to share a portion of their tips with other employees.  The “Las Vegas Sun” says dealers have rejected a labor contract requiring them to share 15-percent of their tips with “nondealer employees.” 

The policy would have been similar to one implemented at Wynn Las Vegas in 2006.  Nevada’s labor commissioner has upheld Wynn’s tip-sharing rule, and the decision is now before the state Supreme Court.

Comments (2)
  1. Tony says:

    No one should be required to pool or share tips. I know this is the era of Obamanomics and share the wealth redeistrubution but really!

  2. Irene K. says:

    I don’t work in a tip industry now, but I did *once upon a time.* There’s nothing worse than working very hard to earn a good tip only to see it divided with a slacker. “Distribution” to make everything “fair” sucks at any level, more so for the person who earns it.

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