Fewer low-income families will get subsidies for childcare under Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposed budget.

Cuts to the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services include less state and federal money to a program that helps working parents pay for day care. The program serves nearly 8,300 children, and cuts will bump about 1,500 children off the list.

The welfare division is trying to cut $52 million from the current biennium’s budget of $615 million that includes both state and federal dollars. Federal stimulus funds are expiring and the division largely depleted its reserves during the recent recession.

Supporters of the childcare programs said working parents will be forced to quit their jobs and to take care of their children, possibly tapping into the welfare system again.

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  1. Kismet says:

    The story is true regarding the cuts, but it is not revealing that funds for child care were frozen. Any new families that apply for services are being placed on a waiting list, this is causing undue hardship on many who can barely afford to live and aren’t able to maintain a job due to child care costs.

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