Recently the Nye County School District contacted the Nye County Sheriff’s Office in reference to unlawful hacking into the School District Computer System, and apparently changing grades of students.

NCSO School Resource Officers and NCSO Detectives have been working on an extensive case involving the illegal access into the school grading program and changed to student’s grades.

This investigation revealed that Coyner had illegally gained access to a password to the school system.  After obtaining that password Coyner then began to solicit “customers” to pay him for changing their grades.  Coyner began a two semester long effort to change the grades of a total of twelve identified students.  The most drastic changes to grades were to his own allowing him to push ahead and qualify as the Pahrump Valley High School salutatorian when in reality his legitimate grades did not qualify him as such. 

A majority of the individuals involved in this crime were juveniles and as such their identities are being withheld.  These juveniles were arrested and were turned over to Nye County Juvenile Probation to be dealt with in Juvenile Court. 

Nicholas Ramoser was one of the individuals involved with Coyner although he had turned eighteen prior to his participation in this crime.  He was booked into the Nye County Detention Center on the above charges and has since posted bail. 

During this investigation it was identified that Coyner, and Miller and an unnamed juvenile had gone into Wal-Mart in Pahrump and had stolen a flat screen television to take with them to college.  A search warrant was executed with the assistance of the University of Nevada Reno Police Department on the dorm room belonging to Coyner and Miller where they were attending and the stolen television was recovered.  During the course of the execution of the search warrant equipment to produce fake driver’s license was located as well as several fake ID’s.  The fake identification portion of the investigation is being handled by the University of Nevada Reno Police Department who is working with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office Detectives. 

Coyner and Miller were booked into the Nye County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center and have since been released on their own recognizance. 

The Nye County School District Information Technology department has been working with NCSO Detectives to ensure that the records needed were produced for the case and have worked diligently to ensure that any future attempted compromises of the system do not occur. 

The Nye County School District is currently correcting grades back to what they should be.  Colleges will ultimately be notified of students who graduated and got accepted at colleges under false pretense. 

NCSO Detectives believe there are additional students that either had information regarding this or were involved and the investigation is ongoing. 

Anyone with any information pertaining to this case is asked to contact NCSO Detectives at 775-751-7000 or email at


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