An Assembly panel has approved a bill allowing school districts to use more money from their bonds for building new schools and improving old ones. It would thwart plans by Governor Brian Sandoval to use the reserves for operating public schools. Supporters say the bill would lead to more hiring in the construction industry, but opponents say it would leave a hole in Sandoval’s proposed budget. A full Assembly vote on the bill could come this week.

You have a chance to sound off on Governor Brian Sandoval’s proposed education budget. Members of the Legislature will be at the hearing, set for 5:00 this afternoon inside Henderson’s Green Valley High School theater. The governor has called for a nine-percent cut in the public education budget, including salary cuts for teachers.

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  1. Tony says:

    The state should cut the budget by 20% and give vouchers to every taxpayer for education and we can choose were the money will go taking into account the results that we get. I no longer have children in school but I depent on the up and comming crop to be a productive part of society and the work force so I should be able to vote with my money. The teachers union have ruined the educational system in this country. Education is not a right it is a privelage and people should start appreciating it and teachers should start living up to their obligations and 75% of administrators need to just get out of the way.

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