rio hotel las vegas Details About Rio Robbery Plot Emerge

Photo Credit: Destination360

The poorly thought-out, Rio robbery plot iss detailed in an arrest report for 61-year-old Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, and 41-year-old Edward Land, both accused of being accomplices to the crime.

Alleged to be the mastermind, Steven Gao is the man police say entered the Rio at 4:30 a.m. Thursday in a disguise that included a wig, fedora and fake mustache, and stole $33,200 in gaming chips from a pai gow table.

Gao was still at large as of this writing.

Police say Yamaguchi, a taxi driver, used his own cab as the getaway car. Police were able to track the car and quickly linked Yamaguchi to the scene.  According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Gao and Yamaguchi covered the cab’s interior camera to hide their faces, but they didn’t realize the audio was still recording, which captured their conversations about the robbery.  Gao also used a casino pay phone to call Land after the incident. Police viewed Gao on the casino surveillance tape and tracked the call to Land’s cell phone.

During the early morning robbery, dealer K.C. Patrick saw a man in a disguise and brandishing a gun walk up to the dealer’s table next to her and start snatching chips off the table.

The Review-Journal reports Patrick called out for security, and a supervisor saw the dealer trying to prevent the suspect from taking the chips. The supervisor, noticing the gun, told the dealer to let the suspect have his way, and the man quickly snatched the chips and left.

The heist comes just months after a December robbery at the Bellagio, in which Anthony Carleo, the son of Municipal Court Judge George Assad, made off with $1.5 million in chips but was done in by his own tongue, according to police.

He reportedly told so many people about his exploits that police were able to track him down and arrest him.


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